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Say hello to the new brainchild of the aviation genius "Airbus" - a hybrid helicopter Racer!

Say hello to the new brainchild of the aviation genius "Airbus" - a hybrid helicopter Racer!


Airbus introduced a new hybrid helicopter, capable of accelerating to 400 km / h

With which I congratulate the general designers of the Moscow Helicopter Plant, because it was they who proposed such a helicopter scheme back in the 80s of the last century, but somehow miraculously it ended up in Eurocopter under the X3 index, the improved version of which is this Racer ". Generally in the indexing of high-speed helicopter projects an interesting pattern can be traced: the Russian project from "Ostap Bender" is designated as "X1" (for the unintelligent Ivan: Mi-21)

The real coaxial project of Americans was indexed as "X2" (Sikorsky X2),

And the European project under our scheme: "Х3" (Eurocopter Х3).

On the pages of this portal and on this topic there was already an article from 2017-02-01 “It's a shame for the state”, now it remains with envy to regret: on what modern and high-speed helicopters our pilots could fly today, be patriotic designers of the cost center and finance properly the firm "Kamov"! And with due funding, the Ka-92 project, according to Kamov experts, can be prepared for the series for 4-5 years, i.е. he had the opportunity to be in the gland at 2015 year.

In this case, V.V. Putin does not stop calling on government officials appointed to technical progress:

"Our army and navy should possess the most modern weapons, military and special equipment, which take into account, including, possible changes in the strategy and tactics of warfare in the future and in their characteristics are at the level, and best of all are superior to foreign analogues. Because if we want to be ahead, if we want to win, we must be the best " - Putin said, opening on Monday (20.11.2017) a series of meetings on the development of the defense-industrial complex of the Russian Federation. "

In armament, in general, his just appeals are executed and with high quality, but are openly simulated for helicopters! In all likelihood, this is why “there was not enough money” for our aircraft industry, because first it was necessary to support the US aircraft factories with finances, and only then airplane construction. For example, in 2010, Dmitry Medvedev, as president, measured Boeing 4,2 billion dollars Not weak !!! A little later, and already as prime minister, he added another 3,5 billion dollars, while our aircraft industry was suffocating precisely from lack of money: for example, to fine-tune the outstanding Ka-52 combat helicopter, the Kamov company requested 120 million rubles from the government, and received only 8 million

But the unsuccessful SuperJet, in which ours and only 20%, and the rest - the import, Dmitry Medvedev still does not cease to give fantastic sums:

"The reserve fund of the government of the Russian Federation will be open to domestic aircraft manufacturing enterprises. According to one of the latest orders of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the Sukhoi Superjet 100 family development program is allocated SIX BILLION rubles .... » (6 billion rubles will be allocated to the development of the Superjet family 3 2018

Six billion is not 8 million from the bar, but the money that the General Designer of the Kamov company, SV Mikheev, dreamed in the dream, while the helicopter was given out to envy the same Americans - the best in the world, which in no way does not work у Pocheseinovsky Super Jet и in Milevtsevskogo "Night Hunter". We will wait for the vaunted Mi-28HM, although earlier ex-minister S.Ivanov and ex-commander-in-chief of the Air Force V.Mikhailov and V.Bondarev Mi-28H praised even more, but the helicopter didn’t get any better and as soon as they put it into service Immediately, a hard landing began with the death of the pilots, but it is still being persistently pushed into service by the saying: “There is strength - you don’t need your mind!”.     

By the way, in the West, high-speed projects have been implemented in the globe for a long time and the development is under way, and the Kremlin government with 2007year (the first display of the Ka-92 model) already only "In November 2018, the Russian Helicopters will be presented by the Russian Defense Ministry concept the high-speed helicopter, Andrei Boginsky, the holding’s general director, told Interfax.

- The customer will be provided with one or two concepts for a high-speed combat helicopter. Now two schools are competing, proving the advantages of one scheme or another. We are guided by plans to lift this helicopter after 2025. It all depends on the chosen concept, requirements, complexity, and so on, - said Boginsky.  Text: Anton Valagin.

A person familiar with the theory of helicopter flight does not fit into his head: how can you seriously consider the "Flying platform" based on Mi-24 some kind of concept? In the beginning they guaranteed from it in June 2016 year speed in 450 km / h, but still and 400 km / h. does not master! The record speed of the Mi-24 helicopter is 368 km / h. and it is good, if the "flying laboratory" to this record can add another 10-15 km / h, because "At speeds over 350 km / h there is a significant drop in the" propulsive "efficiency of the main rotor." And at a speed greater than 400k / h, the "flying platform" will have such a roll because of the difference in flow around the left (counter) and right (associated) flows along the high-speed stream, that no pilot will have enough control knobs to level the helicopter along the roll.

In a coaxial helicopter, in this case, the heeling moments of the screws are neutralized by the upper and lower screws rotating in opposite directions. In addition, the Ka-92 blades are stiffer and shorter than the Milev's "platform," and with hinged blades there can be no question of high speeds, which futuristic designers of the cost center perfectly know, but continue to hamper progress in our helicopter industry , apparently - on the order of the company "Sikorsky". Personally, I understand this as sabotage!

In the attempt to sabotage, some high-ranking military men also did not lag behind. So the ex-head of the VKS V. Bondarev was very opposed to the restoration of production of fighters - interceptors MiG-31, and today it is the best interceptor of the world:

"The Duma is going to intercept

In Parliament there was a stormy discussion about the future of the deserved military aircraft

11 April 2013, Text: Anna Analbaeva

Speaking after the Komoyedov Air Force Commander, Lieutenant-General Viktor Bondarev rejected the idea of ​​parliamentarians, suggesting not to spend money to restore the production of MiG-31, but rather to retarget them to create a new aircraft.

The commander-in-chief emphasized that "the Air Force does not object to this aircraft for one iota, this aircraft is needed by the Air Force, its pilots love it." "The capabilities of the MiG-31 are huge, but, unfortunately, everything has a tendency to aging," he said. According to Bondarev, the element base for this interceptor aircraft is both morally and physically obsolete. "Already, we are fighter Su-35, T-50 (PAK FA), their station allows you to see and identify targets twice as compared to the MiG-31," he noted (and in response from the pilot-cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskoy got to the full!).

"Savitskaya noticed that only people who flied on them could evaluate the possibilities and prospects of any air complex and modern aircraft. "There is an impression that there are forces that have levers of control in the aircraft industry, especially combat, secretly doing everything to ensure that the production of high-tech, best aircraft in the world is not resumed", She hinted vexedly.

Outraged Savitskaya and the idea of ​​adapting new Su-35 and T-50 fighters to fulfill the current role of MiG-31. In her opinion, these aircraft are originally intended for other tasks.

"Comrades, they are different cars! Are we children, or what? One thing is the front-line bomber, the other is the interceptor aircraft complex. Well, different cars! Yes, locators on Su-35 and T-50 have laid new ones, they can be used, but they are meant for another, - she noted. - The launch range of MiG-31 missiles is at least 240 km, and Su-35 has some, sorry? 40 km. Any questions? What am I, not right, commander of the Air Force? Well, then you do not know! So, these machines did not fly! And the test pilots who flew on these machines know. "

"Do not tell us that now nothing can be restored!" - she objected to Bondarev.


And with T-50, Colonel-General V. Bondarev did not guess: the opinion of "the new curator of the defense industry, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, in the recent past, Deputy Defense Minister. To force mass production of Su-57 does not make sense, Borisov said on Monday on the channel "Russia 24".

The Vice Prime Minister paid tribute to the qualities of this fighter: Su-57 "proved very good, including in Syria, confirmed its flight performance and combat capabilities." But at the same time Borisov noted: today one of the best aircraft in the world is the representative of the previous generation "4 +" - Su-35. Apparently, Su-35 is quite effective and at the same time not so expensive variant. "

So: under the noble slogan “Russia Forward!”, The ready and really needed MiG - 1.44 was removed from the tests, and instead of the ready fighter, M. Poghosyan embarked on the T-50 project, i.e. to repeat the project, but from scratch, having spent on him a lot of money, which in fact: thrown to the wind. Yes, and repeat something turned out weaker than the first: the MiG-1.44 Vmax = 3150 / h, while T-50 Vmax = 2600 / h

The second pretentious attempt under the guise of "good" he had with a Su-35 fighter when he wanted to roll up a raw aircraft to the Army, like Milovites with Mi-28H, but ran into the true Minister of Defense SK. Shoigu and flew from the post of president of the UAC, and Su-35 finalized and he instead of the killer became an excellent fighter.

From all this I have the impression that there is no President in our State. Those. formally it exists, but its presence in the aviation industry is not visible: to please the western lobbyists, the world's best fifth-generation engine NK-93 was frozen, although V.V. Putin was well informed on this topic by the Communist Party faction; instead of Russian Ilov and Tushek, Boeings and Airbuses fly in our skies, although it's no secret that our aircraft are safer and more reliable; D. Medvedev in 2010 instead of the Il-96 and Tu-204 financed the Boeing plant and again in the Prime Minister's chair and the President himself, for some unknown reason, continues to move in the hopelessly outdated Mi-8 at a time when the modern, more beautiful and high-speed, but most importantly, safer Ka-32-10AG is ready for mass production.


Vitalii Belyaev specifically for

All these helicopters were terribly reminiscent of pictures and charts from magazines by a young technician end of 80х beginning of 90

He has always been against such a democracy, and against Medvedev and his team, which puts the wheels in the wheel and brakes the spurt of new technologies, there is no need to walk, one Chubais-stupid thing that only costs, he brought a loss of billions of dollars !!

We read and marvel at it, although everything is clear, around enemies

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