Aircrafts Iran: lucrative contracts or heady expectation?
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Aircrafts Iran: lucrative contracts or heady expectation?

Aircrafts Iran: lucrative contracts or heady expectation?


After lifting the sanctions against Iran, this country is very attractive for the world's aircraft manufacturers, since in view of the fact that now the existing fleet is very old - according to some sources the average age of aircraft is about 30 years, we can assume that in the near future the country will buy modern aircraft, and it mostly is not about a few planes, and of the hundreds, which in turn speaks about multi-billion dollar contracts.



About a month ago there were reports that Iran holds talks with Russian aircraft manufacturers for the acquisition of domestic passenger airliners Sukhoi SuperJet 100 и MS-21, And, it was about a dozen aircraft, which naturally is attractive for the Russian aircraft industry. However, the details of the ongoing negotiations were not disclosed, in turn, likely pointing to the fact that representatives of the two countries have not been able to agree on the supply of domestic civil aircraft.



There are several assumptions about why negotiations between Russian and Iranian partners could fail. The most likely reason is the high cost of domestic airliners, similar in price to foreign passenger planes from Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier, especially since foreign airliners have already been checked by time and when they are in operation, as a rule, problems do not arise, including this And to the maintenance of aircraft. Among other things, there is an opinion that Russian aircraft manufacturers could put forward special conditions regarding issues of production and subsequent servicing of aircraft, which could simply not satisfy Iranian partners.



Anyway, just a few days ago, there was official information that Iran is ready to purchase from the world's leading aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing about three hundred passenger airliners. The published data literally shocked domestic producers, as cooperation with Iran would obviously bring the desired profit, which is especially important in a crisis situation. Nevertheless, the final response to the request for the delivery of passenger airliners Airbus and Boeing has not been announced, and therefore it is possible that Iranian air carriers will still be interested in cooperation with Russia in this matter.

The opinion of a number of experts also suggests the possibility of unfolding one more event: Iran can buy planes from Russian manufacturers and planes from corporations such as Airbus and Boeing, but the likelihood of this is extremely low, since aircraft manufacturers will obviously fight for their products, offering more favorable terms, and Russia , Unfortunately it is unlikely to be a competitor here. Nevertheless, there is one very important fact: in the event of the resumption of Western sanctions, Iran risks being left without airplanes, while Russia is a reliable partner in this regard.

It is expected that more transparent prospects for the ongoing negotiations will become known in the near future, and if to be more precise, then by the beginning of next year, and then it will be possible to speak with confidence about the success or failure of contracts for the supply of aircraft.


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