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To the article "Vladislav Shurygin: We Remember the War!", Which is interesting because in it patriotism and pride in the rearmament of our Army are skillfully interspersed with liberal joys.

V.Sh. “And now let us analyze the loudest rumors about the failures of our military-industrial complex.

Any mention of identified shortcomings or changes in the requirements for weapons immediately became almost a death sentence for new systems. They were called obsolete, not in line with modern requirements, and sometimes - and frankly failing. In the same way, any shift in the timing of financing for some systems was interpreted as “rejection of procurement”. The media and social networks were full of headlines: "The army refused to buy Night Hunter," The military does not need Armata, ... "Mi-28 will not go into the troops", "Su-57 failed!".

But how is the rearmament of our army going in reality?

And now we will analyze the most “loud” rumors about the failures of our military-industrial complex.

More recently, the liberal media massively circulated the news that the Ministry of Defense refused to purchase a Mi-28 combat helicopter. Like, the helicopter is heavy, expensive and not needed in the army. But last week, on the website of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, information appeared that the army would purchase 2027 modernized reconnaissance and attack helicopters Mi-98NM Night Hunter before 28. Mi-28NM is a modernized version of the Mi-28N combat attack helicopter, which is in service with the domestic Armed Forces. ”

*** "More recently in the liberal media ..." - in fact, the opposite is true: arming our Army with these hopelessly outdated helicopters, and even at an overpriced price, is the real LIBERAL joy.  

The Americans, after the first shows of the Ka-50 helicopter at international exhibitions, made a lot of efforts to remove this fantastically maneuverable helicopter from armament, intrusively offering instead the weakly maneuverable, and even incomplete Mi-28Н: “Recently, the son of the famous helicopter affairs visited Moscow master Igor Sikorsky - Sergey Sikorsky, ex-director of Sikorsky Aircraft.

... Sergey Sikorsky came to meet with our interested parties in order to lobby the interests of Mil with his authority and money. And he succeeded. (Magazine "Twinkle" No. 30 from 27.08.2000).

And “The Mi-28N“ Night Hunter ”helicopter was adopted by the order of the President of the Russian Federation on October 15, November 19th (Wikipedia).

But in real contests, i.e. During the Soviet era, when there was no corruption, the Mi-28 lost to the Ka-50 helicopter three times in a row, despite severe pressure from the Milians. Probably DEPUTY editor-in-chief of the patriotic newspaper “Zavtra” Vladislav Shurygin is not aware of the losing Mi-28, otherwise he would not have diligently propagandized it: in 2004 he managed to collect the so-called. round table in the newspaper office on denigrating the outstanding Ka-50 (PILOT AND HELICOPTER ("Round table" in the newspaper "Tomorrow" Issue No. 47. 2004-11-2431).

Round table in one line

Why is the "so-called round table", but because the "table" is then considered "round", when MILEVTSY are sitting on one half of the table, and KAMOVTSY are sitting on the other in the same order, holding a dispute among themselves. In this case, there was not a single Kamovite at this table, which is more like a meeting of the Milians, but not a round table. It is especially necessary to highlight the Colonel-General of Aviation V.P. Pavlova, who at that time was already “DEPUTY DIRECTOR of the Rostvertol helicopter plant” (Material from Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia) - hence his direct interest in promoting the Mi-28 helicopter as a manufacturer of this helicopter: “Vitaly PAVLOV. Of course, advertising is the engine of commerce. We understand the desire of the Kamov company to "recoup" the money invested in the Ka-50 project, but we must not forget the essence of the issue. The advertised helicopter is not a TV or a music center. This is a product that is intended for use in the defense industry. Thousands of pilots will fly on them, trust this technology with their lives. "

It was said correctly, but these beautiful words were a cover, and when it was exploited in parts and in the war in Syria, for technical reasons, four high-quality pilots who "entrusted their lives" died in three disasters. By the way, this helicopter had much more hard landings, but Russia is a rich country and the economic losses from these accidents do not count.

Apparently, V. Shurygin only reads his own articles, so I strongly recommend that he familiarize himself with my article on the same site: "Kamov vs. Mil" for 2018-03-09, or "Kamov vs. Mil: What super-helicopter were deprived of our pilots" (tehnowar .ru ›).

But a much more accurate conclusion was made by the designers themselves from the United States: "... representatives of the American company" Sikorsky "and last year at the Le Bourget air show, and this year at the" Farnborough-2006 "exhibition, declared that the future in helicopter construction lies only with coaxial machines" 22.09.2006 .XNUMX "(Syzran Higher Military School). It is said very clearly and very clearly!

And in confirmation - a review of the flight capabilities of the Ka-50 and Mi-24 (read Mi-28) from combat practice in Chechnya:

“When I reported to Colonel-General V. Baranov the received order to return to the base, he called the head of the OGV aviation (s), then colonel, Rif Sakhabutdinov and asked:

     - Will you be able to continue this work and “clean out the spirits” in the same way as the Kama cars?

     - Not. Mi-24 cannot perform such tasks. ” ( / fdocs / 1 / 2006 / 6 / 20 / 8324).

The response of the current combat colonel is the highest rating in the superiority of the Black Shark over the Mi-24 / 28.

Educational program

And to dear V. Shurygin it was clearer why the Mi-24/28 are so weak in comparison with the Ka-50, I propose to get acquainted with the cognitive excerpt: “With the same engine power, the thrust-to-weight ratio of a coaxial helicopter is about 29 - 20% higher than that of a single-rotor hovering and flight speeds up to 80 km / h. This is achieved due to the absence of power losses (12 - 8%) for the rotation of the tail rotor and a higher efficiency of the coaxial rotors (17 - 12%). These flight modes are characterized by the fact that they are most often used for attacks from behind obstacles and shelters ”(Comparison of AH-64 and Ka-50›). On my own I will add: also in mountainous areas, in which today our helicopter pilots often have to conduct hostilities.

And things are still there (from Krylov's fable)

And the reasons why the work on modern, real projects of high-speed Ka-92 and Ka-102 helicopters have long been frozen are incomprehensible, despite the fact that the Americans have a Sikorsky – Boeing SB-1 Defiant helicopter (no doubt licked from our Ka -92) has already begun test flights.

Concerns from the editorial office of the patriotic newspaper Zavtra are not visible on this account, and even more so, the absence of the same concern about the refusal to develop a modern Kamov high-speed combat helicopter project after the November "contest" is not clear.

when some of the military made the decision to once again allow "effective" stop - managers to crush the idea with the classical scheme. And if, according to the requirements of the time, our brilliant helicopter designer Sergei Viktorovich Mikheev has everything calculated and a real project of a combat helicopter is ready, then a “winning” project according to the classical scheme will be “presented later”, but in fact it is impossible to imagine realistically, therefore it was not presented. But there has already been a similar attempt to convince the general designer of the cost center N.S. Pavlenko:

according to this layout, the Mi-X1 helicopter supposedly had to reach speed = 520k / h, but only its prototype “high-speed” Mi-24LL managed to reach only 400k / h, and even that was only in the language of the head manager A. Boginsky, and his the official speed record as it was = 368,4k / h, it remains to this day!

The guns are the same, but they shoot differently

If I’m not mistaken, then V. Shurygin has a military education with an artillery bias, so I suggest that he familiarize himself with the weapon differences of the Mi and Ka helicopters:

“... the effective range of small arms and cannon weapons on Mi combat vehicles is one kilometer. This means that all the shells in the picture plane (perpendicular to the line of sight) will practically be in a circle with a diameter from 3 to 5 m. For Ka-50 and Ka-52 helicopters, at the same range, the shells will concentrate in a circle with a diameter of about 1,5 m.

The actual accuracy of the weapon in specific combat conditions will be determined by a combination (summation) of its own accuracy characteristics of the rifle-cannon systems of various models of rotorcraft and individual errors of aiming pilots piloting a single-rotor or coaxial combat helicopter. That is why the effective firing range of coaxial-wing helicopter attack cannons is significantly higher and amounts to 2 km. (Grigory KUZNETSOV, Candidate of Technical Science.).

To piloting technique

“Pilots with experience flying single-rotor helicopters with a tail rotor, first of all, note the Ka-50's ease of piloting and high maneuverability. According to them, the helicopter is sitting tight in the air and obedient to control. A reliable system for saving pilots in the entire range of flight conditions on the Ka-50 and Ka-52 by bailout completes the formation of their psychological stability: to successfully attack and survive on the battlefield "

And Ka-50 / 52 also has a “Funnel” combat figure, which is very necessary for an attack helicopter, not available to the same Mi-28НМ helicopter!

The Su-57 is good, but the MiG 1.44 was better!

V.Sh. “A similar story is with the fifth generation Su-57. ... But this information did not have time to properly stun the layman, as President Vladimir Putin said that by 2028 at least three air regiments should appear in Russia - 76 fighters, the main equipment of which will be fifth-generation Su-57 fighters. Another soap bubble burst! "

*** The MiG -1.44 aircraft was designed and built by the outstanding Design Bureau of Artem Mikoyan, and its designation is simpler and more understandable: IFI: a multi-functional front-line fighter, i.e. he is primarily a front-line fighter, but can be used to intercept targets, as well as work on ground targets.

“There is evidence that the technical requirements for the project had the following requirements: the IFI had to fly at a speed of up to 3250 km / h, have a ceiling height of at least 20 000 meters. The flight range of the aircraft was at least 4 000 kilometers. In addition to all of the above, the fighter It was necessary to build super maneuverable, supersonic in the afterburner mode, with the introduction of stealth technology. (* "Aircraft that was not: MiG-1.44 fighter").

And in continuation: “In fact, 1.44 became a deep processing of the MiG 25 and 31, which added the capabilities of a front-line fighter and a very interesting model was obtained that could easily compete with the American F-22, and high speed should give it a serious advantage. This speed was provided to the aircraft by two turbofan engines AL-41F, created by NPO Saturn. All its characteristics were confirmed at the MiG-25 flying laboratory, so all the data were taken not just like that, but on the basis of really confirmed data ”(tehnorussia. Russian Science and Technology 25.12.2016).

The Su-57 was designed and built under the guidance of the mediocre designer M. Poghosyan, in which the loss to MiG was already laid down.

And so far, all its advantages are expected in the future, and it began to be mass-produced with engines of the 1st stage, so today it is not up to the advantages over the F-22, and only then: “Su-57, thanks to its radar with an active phased antenna array (AFAR), as well as new engines, will receive combat advantages over the American F-22 and F-35. This is the opinion of the TASS military observer Viktor Litovkin. "

 If Mikhail Poghosyan didn’t impose a ban on further testing of the MiN 1.44, it would have been operational for a long time with all its advantages, and a huge amount of PUBLIC money spent for these 18 years on building from ZERO Su-57 fighter would have been saved!

By that time, the Sukhoi Design Bureau already had an experimental Su-47 Berkut aircraft: an amazing specimen with forward-swept wings. Information about him, of course, is scarce, but Wikipedia indicates the length of his take-off run = 90m, which with such a scheme may well be and be it 50-100 meters even more, it is still a PHENOMENON, which one had to grab onto M. Poghosyan. And today, in addition to the outstanding MiG 1.44, instead of the Su-57, which is similar in appearance to the American F-22, a truly modern Berkut would go into production! Why is it true, because super small take-off and landing pads would allow it to be based anywhere, disguising itself from the watchful eyes of enemy satellites, but at the same time, the Berkut would have all the characteristics of a modern fighter. And if a war starts, the runways will be destroyed first!

By the way, about the external similarity: if the Su-57 is similar to the American F-22,

then the Chinese 5th generation fighter J-20 "Black Eagle" is very similar to the MiG - 1.44.              

The Chinese design engineers knew for sure which fighter would meet the requirements of the 5th generation fighter to a greater extent. And he is already in the ranks!

So, it would be worth praising the Su-57, dear Vladislav Shurygin, with reservations, such as: “Fishless fish and cancer!”


Vitaly Belyaev, especially for

rumor-level article. solid water.

The author is not an aviator at all and his article is "rumored by others."

Pictures are beautiful. Aftar - Captain Evidence. The argument is empty.

Cat Matroskin: “We have the means, we have not enough mind”!

There is enough mind, there are a lot of talented people. We will have more sabotage and betrayal

Work on the MiG 1.44 was stopped precisely because of the lack of funds, that is, the crisis of the 90s, which was everywhere in our country in those years. On YouTube there is a film about the history of KB MiG - it just says about it. As for the Berkut project, this aircraft is a flying laboratory on which new technologies are tested. In addition, it has a single, but significant drawback: a forward-swept wing. It experiences higher G-forces than a normal swept wing. There are no materials that can withstand such loads (vibrations) in a combat situation. Therefore, such a plane is shown only on the show. The Americans also tried to make an aircraft with a forward swept wing, but they also did not go further than prototypes.


... Poghosyan, while it is NOT too late - on a pension ...! Russian Outback!

And who is Vitaly Belyaev? - He forgot to introduce himself.
An article worthy of the Gusarov forum on Gusarov is an ardent opponent of the Russian aviation industry, Russia and its President.


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