Trends Updates fleet 2014
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Trends Updates fleet 2014

Trends Updates fleet 2014



The existing high level of fuel prices, low interest rates, reduced costs of circulation and the desire to increase the level of profit led to an unprecedented demand for more efficient and reliable aircraft. As a result of the current situation, it is expected that there will be a change in obsolete aircraft, and airlines will receive more than 16500 new aircraft and will simultaneously be written off over 6500 units of aircraft up to 2024. Thus, there will be a qualitative update of the air fleet, at the expense of new types of aircraft, created with the help of new technologies and materials.

Airlines will receive over 16500

new aircraft and will at the same time

written off over 6500 2024 aircraft units to the year

The world economy continues to recover from the global financial crisis, 2008 years, production aircraft companies entered into a large number of contracts for the supply of new equipment. At the beginning of the year 2014, 23000 was commercial aircraft operated by airlines worldwide. In addition, it is expected that the annual increase in the entry of new aircraft will be 3.6 2024% and will reach 33000 units. According to consulting company TeamSAI Inc., Is expected to increase in the fleet of aircraft on 8001 unit over the next five years.


TeamSAI Inc


More than 40% of deliveries of new aircraft takes place simultaneously with the elimination of obsolete fleet, which means airlines renewing its fleet, replacing the need of commercial strategies for each type of aircraft. Purchase and replacement of aircraft required to take a decision on when and how many aircraft will be purchased or leased with mandatory planning level costs and profits. Therefore, this process also includes the assessment of the new aircraft, and its result should be related to existing facilities.

Growth commissioning

new aircraft will be 3.6%

and will reach 2024 33000 units

The use of new types of aircraft in the airline requires the introduction of new system functions. Their range of flights to the planning and training of the crew, maintenance, engineering, does not depend on whether it will be a completely new type of aircraft, for example, LOT Polish Airlines с Boeing 787 DreamLiner or existing type that is implemented, the company "aeroflot"- Boeing 777 S и Boeing 737 NQS.


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With the start of operation of new types of aircraft, maintenance work and intervals between inspections will increase significantly, which would entail changes in the technical regulation programs. There will increase potential revenue due to lower fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, but the costs of ownership increase. For example, the transition to Boeing 737-800 compared with samples of narrow-body aircraft of the older generation, the costs are increased by 2.2 million. dollars.




Thus, choosing the right partner for maintenance of aircraft is very important for operators seeking to minimize its costs by reducing downtime. Underestimating warkcope can actually end up costing the operator additional costs. Meanwhile, due to ensure an integrated approach to the operation of the service, it is possible to achieve increased profits.

For example, due to a variety of IT-solutions, you can get accurate calculations that allow airlines to increase the maximum service intervals and to maintain the aircraft in good condition, increasing their service life between overhauls. Calculations show that if the operator reduces their maintenance costs to 10%, the profit increases in 2 times. In addition, the optimization process is a key element for any business in any industry and in aviation can save human lives.


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