Hungarian millionaire Istvan Varga is going to buy Transcarpathia
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Hungarian millionaire Istvan Varga is going to buy Transcarpathia

One Hungarian millionaire named Istvan Varga expressed his readiness to acquire the Transcarpathian region. He offered to pay for this deal with gold mined in the Börzen mountain range, near the border with Slovakia.

Istvan Varga, a 77-year-old entrepreneur from Hungary, expressed his intentions in an interview with regional Hungarian newspaper Bors last week.

Despite her age, Varga continues to work 10 hours a day and has no plans to retire. His new project was gold mining in the Börzen mountain range, which is located in the northern part of Hungary, next to the Danube River. Preliminary studies have shown that at a depth of 500 meters there may be gold reserves estimated at 500 billion euros.

Varga claims that he has already achieved everything he wanted in life, and his new project is not related to expanding his business. He says that his goal is to pay off Hungary's national debt and acquire the Transcarpathian region from our neighboring country.

He did not specify the amount of the deal, but said that such a step would be beneficial for Ukraine and would help Hungary restore historical justice. He also believes that this could be a peaceful solution to conflicts in the region.

The Transcarpathian region was previously part of the Kingdom of Hungary, but after the First World War and the Treaty of Trianon in 1920 it was transferred to Czechoslovakia. The region was subsequently occupied by Hungarian troops in 1939 and then returned to the Soviet Union in 1945.

In recent years, the Transcarpathian region has seen tensions between ethnic Hungarians and Ukrainian authorities over issues of education in their native language and the rights of ethnic minorities. Conflicts have worsened during current events since the beginning of 2022, when some Hungarians from Transcarpathia were seconded and were later returned with release through the mediation of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Istvan Varga, a Hungarian millionaire, expressed interest in acquiring the Transcarpathian region. His statements have received attention from Hungarian and Polish media, as well as analysts, who view the idea as an interesting scenario.

A Hungarian businessman plans to use gold from the Börzhen mountain range to purchase the Transcarpathian region. His statement caused quite a wide response in the Hungarian and Polish media, including respected publications such as Népszava,,, as well as the English-language portal Daily News Hungary.

Interestingly, the neighboring capital has not yet commented on this idea, despite the strong reaction to such statements. However, Poland has also expressed its interest in acquiring the "Eastern Kresy" - territories that were previously part of Poland and include five regions of Ukraine (Volyn, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Rivne and Ternopil).

It is important to note that some of the equipment and weapons transferred to Ukraine were supplied under loan agreements, and Poland may consider the option of settling this debt through territorial concessions.

Although such a scenario does not seem fantastic, history shows that events that previously seemed impossible sometimes become reality.


One Hungarian millionaire named Istvan Varga expressed his readiness to acquire the Transcarpathian region.


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