Vim Avia planes
Vim Avia planes

Vim Avia planes

Russian air carrier VIM-AVIA There is a 2002 years. Company name - abbreviation name of its creator, at the time the general director of another company "Aerofraht." Viktor Merkulov - that was his name.

At the beginning of its journey, the company operated flights en route Vietnam, China, Thailand. In the Asian direction, both cargo and passenger flights were organized. Then there were only four aircraft in the company park.

The turning point in the history of the company was 2004 year. VIM-AVIA purchased a large number of new aircraft, completely replacing the old cars. Twelve modern medium-haul aircraft of the Boeing 757-200 type were put into operation, and the first voyage on the new vessel took place in mid-summer of the same year. This modernization allowed the company to significantly expand the geography of flights and enter new directions. In particular, one of such was the market of the most popular charter tourist flights to the south: to Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey. The company now had a significant advantage over other carriers. Boeing 757-200Main VIM-AVIA aircraft, better and more economically profitable than domestic IL-86. At the last flew most carriers. Thanks to Boeing in the same year 2004, VIM-AVIA entered popular tourist destinations in the countries of Western Europe: Italy, Spain. Aircraft such as IL-86 are not allowed there: they are too noisy and do not meet European standards. At 2004, the company began to develop a completely opposite direction: the first flights to Bratsk and Chita took place. At the beginning of 2005, the flight geography was added Sochi и Ufa.

Vim Avia planes 2

Vim Avia planes

In 2005 the company was engaged in the implementation of new standards for operation and maintenance. In 2006 year VIM bought four Boeing 757-200 and was included in the list of air carriers of the United Nations, which are allowed to carry out transport in the framework of the organization.

Today, the company's network of flights includes about thirty cities. VIM-AVIA carries passengers to 13 countries and flies within UN programs. The aviation training center operating on the basis of VIM-AVIA prepares flight personnel for more than 25 different courses. There are intentions to again expand the fleet of aircraft with new types of aircraft.

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