Aircraft on a magnetic cushion.
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Aircraft on a magnetic cushion.

Aircraft on a magnetic cushion.


Modern technology, introduced in aircraft should be conducted not only for the improvement of the aircraft, even though this in most cases depends on the security of air flights, but also in other fields, are also directly related to aviation in particular and on the ground.



Magnetic levitation is not a fundamentally new development because it has become used more than thirty years ago, but, in fact, its use in other areas is either incomplete or general in nature is not conducted.

There is an assumption that the use of magnetic levitation to create airstrips could significantly transform the entire aviation And this applies not only to the military but also to the civil sphere. In fact, when landing not require the creation of extended runways, extent in 1 - 1,5 kilometer is more than enough for the reception of aircraft, including large ones.


The principle of magnetic levitation train as an example


In such a situation, the runway will differ little from the railways, and using the properties of magnetic levitation, the exception will be only that instead of the rail web, electromagnets will be incorporated into the surface of the runway, and extending them electrical current will either inhibit aircraft during landing or accelerate them when the take-off.

One of the biggest advantages of using magnetic levitation, also called magnetic levitation, is that in fact, the aircraft will not enter into contact with the surface of the runway, which in turn prevents wear and runways, and aircraft landing gear systems. In addition, minimizing wear on the chassis, and actually getting rid of him, and minimizes the chance of making an emergency with these nodes.

At the moment, the main problem that may face the engineers in the construction of airports of the future, is to create a magnetic guide, securely holding the aircraft from moving during acceleration or deceleration, but there are some basic principles of such a device, and the decision itself, if necessary, can be found at as soon as possible - according to preliminary measurements during 1 - 2 years.



Nevertheless, it is necessary to clarify that in such a situation, the construction of these airports and runways is a very costly exercise, however, get a chance to use renewable sources of electricity (wind turbines, solar panels, etc.), it is possible to achieve acceptable results , especially since it clearly carries increased security for all air transport

Given the military developments, runways on magnetic cushions allow overclocking combat aircraft to full speed even on neprotyazhёnnyh segments that is suitable for the creation of compact air bases, placing heavy aircraft on the decks of aircraft carriers, etc.


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