American B-52 bombers strike for the first time with JDAM munitions 400 kilometers from the Russian border in the Arctic

American B-52 bombers have worked out strikes in the Arctic, just 400 kilometers from the Russian border.

The American B-52 strategic bombers that arrived in Europe the day before, some of which could well deliver nuclear weapons to Europe, staged a serious provocation near the Russian borders. As it turned out, a pair of American bombers practiced strikes in the Arctic zone the previous afternoon, just 400 kilometers from the border with Russia. The strikes were carried out using JDAM ammunition.

As it became known, the American bombers, who made a transatlantic flight, immediately headed for Swedish airspace, where they inflicted a series of bombing attacks on the Vidsel training ground using GBU-31 air bombs. The strikes were practiced in the Arctic zone, which is very uncharacteristic for the US Air Force.

“On Thursday, the Swedish Armed Forces again conducted exercises together with the American bomber task force. Swedish fighter Jas 39 Gripen escorted several B-52 Stratofortress in Swedish airspace. The Swedish ground forces then identified targets on the ground at the Vidsel training ground, which were hit by B-52s with guided aerial bombs. For the first time since the Swedish Armed Forces began training with an American bomber task force, live ammunition has been used.", according to the Swedish Ministry of Defense.

It is known that American strategic bombers did not approach Russian borders, however. the provocation arranged by the latter indicates that Russia will continue to strengthen its defenses in the western and northern directions.