Airport blast


An analogue of the Soviet strategic missile X-55 broke through the defense of the Patriot missile defense, there are dead. Video

The Patriot system did not cope with the missile attack of the Yemeni rebels.

On the eve of the day, it became known that the Yemeni rebels inflicted a missile attack on Abha (Saudi Arabia) International Airport using an (not confirmed - editor's note) Iranian Sumar missile, which is a direct analogue to the Soviet strategic missile X-55. As a result of hitting the rocket in the terminal of the international air port, there are both dead (7 people) and victims (27 people).

According to data published on the Web, an analogue of the Soviet X-55 rocket, successfully broke through the defense of the Patriot missile defense system, breaking more than 100 kilometers, and passing through at least two areas of the US missile defense system. It is reported that the Yemeni rebels fired only one missile at the Abha International Airport, however, according to the Houthis themselves, there are a significant number of such missiles in their armament.

Remarkable is the fact that the Sumar rocket was developed by Iran on the basis of the Soviet X-55 rocket, previously sold by the Ukrainian side to Iran, while obviously even an analogue of the Soviet rocket, whose characteristics are much worse, could dispel the myth about the effectiveness of the Patriot missile defense ", And this despite the fact that the speed of the Iranian missile is subsonic.

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