Armenia: 90% of Iskander's strikes turned out to be useless - the missiles didn't even explode

Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan stated that Karabakh was lost because of Russia.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated that the loss of Karabakh is entirely Russia's fault. The reason for everything, according to Pashinyan, is the supply by the Russian side of low-quality and ineffective weapons, in particular, we are talking about Iskander operational-tactical missile systems.

As follows from Nikol Pashinyan's statement, Armenia nevertheless used the Russian Iskander tactical missile systems in the armed conflict, however, the latter either did not hit the target, or the effect of the strike on the enemy's forces turned out to be much less than the Russian complexes are capable of. According to Pashinyan, only 10% of the missiles hit the target.

“In an exclusive interview with Pervyy Novosti, answering the question about the accusation of the third president, Serzh Sargsyan, of not using the Iskander OTRK, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan actually made an almost sensational exposure. In particular, Pashinyan stated that the Iskander missiles did not explode and did not explode by ten percent. He noted that Serzh Sargsyan asks questions, the answers to which are known to him. During the 44-day war, the Iskander problem was one of the most discussed. The fact is that the fact of the use of Iskander OTRK was made public after the four-day war in April, it was presented as a terrible weapon of Armenia, which will always cause fear in Baku in order to start a war, and if it starts, then Yerevan will simply destroy Azerbaijan "- сообщает Armenian information publication

Despite the absence of official comments from the Armenian defense department on this matter and in general on the use of Russian Iskander OTRK, earlier Armenia actively criticized Russian weapons.

According to the Armenian information and news publication, the key issue is precisely the quality of Russian weapons.

“The question is, what was the quality of supplies to Armenia. And in this sense, Nikol Pashinyan's statement is significant back against the background of the statement of the former head of the General Staff of Armenia, General Artak Davtyan, after the end of the war. But now, when Nikol Pashinyan declares that the missiles did not explode and did not explode even by 10%, Serzh Sargsyan "knew about it." What problems did the Iskander supplies to Armenia face? Why? Who is responsible for them? Has Yerevan posed such questions to Russia by 2018? What was the answer? Did Azerbaijan know about possible problems with missiles? ", - the Armenian media ask themselves.

The Russian side has not yet made any official statements on this score.

The military of Armenia must save their country!

They just forgot to remove the protective cap from the fuse

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It was a special, Armenian Iskander, with rubber rockets.
And when one of the Armenian generals laughed at Pashinyan's statement, he simply fired him.