Air Defense of Armenia


Armenia shot down two Azerbaijani drones overnight

During the night, Armenian air defense systems destroyed two Azerbaijani drones.

Tonight, amid the escalation of the situation on the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Armenian air defense systems attacked two Azerbaijani drones, which violated the border of the country's airspace. At the moment, the Armenian defense department has confirmed the fact of the destruction of one drone. The fact that this is the third incident suppressed by the Armenian military since the beginning of the week indicates that today the RA air defense is built much better than a year ago, when Azerbaijani drones freely crossed the border of the neighboring state's airspace.

“Air Defense of the Armed Forces of Armenia thwarted attempts to penetrate UAVs into the airspace of the country: On July 29, the RA Ministry of Defense, starting at 23:00, units of the Air Defense of the Armed Forces stopped attempts of UAVs to penetrate into the airspace of Armenia in the Gegharkunik section of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. As of 07:00 on July 30, the situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border is relatively stable and is under the full control of the Armed Forces of Armenia ": Armenian Defense Ministry", - the Telegram-community "Baghramyan 26" informs about it.

It is known that Azerbaijan uses small unmanned aerial vehicles for reconnaissance, probably in order to carry out further military operations in the territory of Armenia.

A little earlier information and news agency Reported that Russia began to transfer its troops to the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

another Armenian lie. Where is the proof? Listen to the Armenians, they almost took Baku. In words, they are heroes, in fact, cowards, bzhik.

Show the remnants of shot down drones ... In words, you can conquer Russia too .. For example, we have always shown. shot down destroyed Armenian military equipment clearly .. You yourself can come to Baku and look at these equipment at the open museum ..