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Azerbaijani army suffered devastating defeat from Armenia after illegal invasion

Armenian soldiers defeated the forces of Azerbaijan that invaded across the border without loss.

A day earlier, a military conflict occurred on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan, resulting in very serious losses for the Azerbaijani side. It is known about the destruction of a bus with the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, a downed drone and damaged armored vehicles that illegally entered the territory of Armenia, while there are no losses from the Armenian military.

Despite the fact that the unleashing of a full-fledged military conflict between the two sides was avoided, this morning the Azerbaijani military made several new attempts to illegally transfer its militarized units to the territory of the neighboring state, however, the Armenian Armed Forces gave another adequate response, which does not exclude the growth of tension in the region.

At the moment, direct clashes can be avoided, which, most likely, indicates the attempts of each of the parties to resolve the conflict through diplomatic means, but the ongoing provocations do not allow to realize this in full.

Azerbaijan does not comment on the failed attempt to invade the territory of Armenia.