Attack of the Su-24


“Attack” Su-24 on the American destroyer “Donald Cook” was with an unexpected ending

The attack of the Russian Su-24 on the American destroyer Donald Cook turned out to be fake.

The emergence of information that in one of its missions to patrol airspace, the Russian front-line Su-24 bomber was able to disable the systems of the American military destroyer using the electronic warfare system, was only fiction. The reason for this was the arguments of experts, according to which, even with the maximum power of the electronic suppression systems, the bomber would not be able to offer the slightest resistance to a military ship, and if necessary, it could be completely turned off by itself.

Experts draw attention to the fact that the EW system installed on the Su-24 front-line bomber could not break through the defense of the American destroyer Donald Cook under any circumstances, since similar means installed on the warship would most likely disable the bomber itself.

“An attack using electronic warfare equipment on a marine vessel is theoretically possible, however, in practice, the power of the Su-24 electronic warfare system should be hundreds of times greater. Moreover, this requires a prolonged exposure to electronic suppression, rather than short-term. Do not confuse the capabilities of a bomber with the capabilities of a warship ”, - the expert marks.

At the same time, there is no doubt that the bomber flew over an American warship.

they closed in the room with the letters 000.

Small currents and voltages work in electronics, in frequency generators, for example. But there are power amplifiers. I am a former radio hooligan, there was once such a hobby for radio lovers. There was no Internet at all. He served in the Strategic Rocket Forces. The power of the radiating antenna was 5KW in the cm range.

Here are the names of the "Experts" to hear ...


Stupidity, modern electronics provides for voltages of less than 3,5 volts. I am generally silent about currents, and God bless him that the ship has a powerful power plant, the electronics are powered by small currents. And creating interference in them is not a problem.