Ukrainian warships attack on Russian tanker - first details revealed

The attack by Ukrainian warships on a Russian tanker in the Black Sea received the first details.

The attack of several Ukrainian warships in the waters of the Black Sea, despite the absence of a threat from the latter, was carried out on the basis that this ship was used by the Russian military to detain three Ukrainian warships - the tanker blocked the passage through the Kerch Strait, creating, according to Ukrainian security officials, "a threat to shipping", although in reality, Ukrainian ships violated the territorial waters of Russia.

“As revenge, in July 2019, the Russian tanker NIKA SPIRIT was detained on the Danube in the port of Izmail. The Ukrainian side stated that this ship participated in blocking the Kerch Strait during the operation to detain Ukrainian ships. Then it bore a different name - NEYMA, but in January 2019 it was sold to the Krasnodar company "Fos Shipping Management" and changed its name. "People in uniform came, called for interrogation, said that allegedly Nika Spirit once obstructed the passage of Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait. The team was not guilty of anything, but the point was to simply interrogate and find out where we are. were in November last year. We do not know what kind of ship it is: our business is small, we were told to overtake, we did it. People in uniform, of course, introduced themselves as SBU officers, but they did not give names. They simply said: let's go , we will talk with you, we were interrogated and then released from the ship "", - about it сообщает "Korabel.ru".

In fact, as the newspaper notes, the Russian tanker was simply trapped by Ukrainian warships, and although the Ukrainian side came up with a reason to detain the vessel, the tanker has not yet been returned to its owner, although its crew was still released.

It should be clarified that despite the statements of the Ukrainian authorities about their readiness to send a whole armada of their warships to the Kerch Strait, Kiev is trying to avoid new provocations, obviously realizing that in the event of a threat, Russia will sink them without warning

Mosquito fleet- bites !?

The whole world confuses Iran with Iraq, this is such an authoritative world. The territorial waters in question belonged to Russia until 2014.

Well, now they will return a Russian tanker without bulbs, sockets and toilets in revenge for two destroyer boats and an aircraft-carrying tug detained in the Kerch Strait.

Don't we think so ourselves? The savings bank in Crimea does not work, and like everything is fine, no one goes out with protests - neither in Crimea, nor in Moscow

Sink someone's ship and then everyone will understand who is the boss

It is not "the whole world" who counts, but politicians, and for some reason NATO, and this is understandable. And people in all countries are absolutely not interested and they do not even know where not only Crimea is located, but also Ukraine. You can write about the whole world only if you wishful thinking. The whole world hates the United States, but is forced to obey them, and what follows from this? If you show the old maps of the Russian Empire or the USSR, there clearly Crimea is a Russian land. Everything else is interests.

the territorial waters of the CRIMEA under the ussr were shared along the strait, but RUSSIA carried out dredging works at its own expense and used its advantage

Well, well, well, 3 sprat republics are definitely the whole world ... it doesn't matter what they think there

True friends are best known in delirium.

Ukraine considers Crimea to be its own, which means its territorial waters too. Almost the whole world thinks so too. So much for the absurdity of the situation. And when it will end, no one knows.

If this is so, then who then can say that we have a state, a president, a government, that we can do anything? It's just a shame!