The militants attacked the Yak-130, but were destroyed by an air strike. Video

The terrorists tried to shoot down the Russian Yak-130, but were destroyed by an air strike.

The militants tried to destroy Russian Yak-130 combat training aircraft during another raid in order to strike at terrorist positions in one of the Myanmar regions. The attack on Russian-made aircraft was carried out using large-caliber automatic weapons, however, in addition to the fact that the militants were unable to knock out the aircraft, the latter also destroyed a large group of terrorists, demonstrating their high efficiency.

“Russian-made Yak-130 training aircraft were first used in real combat. The Myanmar Air Force deployed aircraft purchased in Russia to attack separatist targets in one of the country's regions. The militants tried to bring down planes to no avail using heavy machine guns (video) "- reports "Telegram" community "Military observer."

Air strikes of the Yak-130 were delivered directly to a large group of terrorists, and not to firing points, however, in the video you can see that the actions of the terrorists covering up their forces were completely inconclusive.

It should be noted that even despite the fact that the Russian Yak-130s are not adapted to perform certain specific tasks, they successfully demonstrate their effectiveness in the fight against militants, and today these planes are already actively interested in other countries of the world, which contributes to their reliability and reasonable cost.

Wow, the new Yak-1300, and when did you take it into service?