Long-range cruise missiles will appear in service with the Ka-52M helicopter of the Russian Aerospace Forces in 2022

Russian attack helicopters Ka-52M will be the only owners of long-range cruise missiles in the world.

The modernized domestic attack helicopter Ka-52M will receive long-range cruise missiles, currently known under the name “Product 305”. In December of this year, state tests of the latest missile will begin, and the probability that a cruise missile will be tested in Syria, including as part of an attack helicopter, is very high.

“Participation in the state joint tests (ICG) of Ka-52M helicopters in terms of modernization. Refinement of helicopters according to the results of the ICG. Deadlines: beginning - December 1, 2020, ending - September 30, 2022 ”- сообщает Military Review, citing a document posted on the public procurement website.

At the moment, almost nothing is known about the latest cruise missile - there is information that it is capable of hitting land and sea targets at ranges of up to 100 kilometers, however, this is perhaps the only known characteristic of the “Product 305”.

It should be clarified that the Russian Ka-52 attack helicopters have proven themselves well in Syria, where they were actively used to fight terrorists and used to liberate the territory of the Arab Republic.