Volunteers showed the consequences of hitting shrapnel from a HIMARS rocket in a Kevlar helmet

A fragment of a HIMARS missile cut through half of a Kevlar helmet.

Volunteers participating in the SVO published video footage of the consequences of hitting one of the fragments of the HIMARS MLRS missile in a Kevlar protective helmet. Despite the relatively small size of the fragment, the latter literally cut the Kevlar helmet, which clearly caused serious indignation among the volunteer formation.

In their video, volunteers demonstrate the consequences of damage to a Kevlar helmet by one of the fragments of the HIMARS MLRS rocket. Despite the fact that the volunteers clearly do not share the protective properties of the Kevlar helmet, experts pay attention to the fact that the latter worked successfully, protecting the fighter's head. Without a protective helmet, the victim would almost certainly have died.

Specialists draw attention to the fact that a fragment of a HIMARS rocket can indeed be seen in the video footage. However, we are not talking about a combat striking element - the fragment captured on the video is only a fragment of the rocket shell, as a result of which it is not possible to objectively assess the protective functions of the helmet.



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