Two Russian Tu-160s simultaneously worked out the destruction of Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia from the airspace of Belarus

In response to the actions of NATO and allies, Russia has practiced nuclear strikes against Eastern Europe, the Baltic States and Ukraine.

The provocative actions of the NATO member countries and Ukraine forced Russia to demonstrate the capabilities of its own nuclear forces. So, according to available data, two Russian Tu-160 bombers entered the airspace of Belarus, passed along the Ukrainian border itself, after which they "visited" the border of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, demonstrating their readiness to adequately respond to the threat of invasion of Russia and Belarus from West.

“Russian supersonic strategic missile-carrying bombers Tu-160 RF-94111 (call sign 94108) and RF-94101 (call sign 94112) made a special flight along the borders of Belarus. The flight was performed from the Engels airfield as part of the active phase of the joint Belarusian-Russian exercise "Slavic Brotherhood - 2020", - this is reported by Telegram, the Hunter's Notes channel, which monitors the air situation.

Experts do not exclude that one of the goals of such a flight was an attempt by Russia to remind that its aircraft can be very, very close to NATO, and the nuclear weapons capabilities of such bombers are quite enough to inflict very serious losses on the enemy.