Egypt refused to buy Russian MiG-35s. The question is for how long ?!

Egypt has denied the purchase of Russian MiG-35 fighters.

Egypt has never signed a contract with the Russian military for the supply of MiG-35 fighters to the country's armament, and today it is nothing more than unreliable information disseminated by the media. This is reported by The Military Watch, noting that publications about the appearance of Russian fighters in Egypt's arsenal are nothing more than false information.

“After the overthrow of the pro-Western Islamist government and the coming to power of the military, the Republic of Egypt entered into a number of major arms contracts with Russia. Cairo has not yet ordered the latest multifunctional MiG-35 fighters, as many believe, but may soon do so, writes the American Military Watch. In January 2017, flight tests of the MiG-35 began, and a month later, the Egyptian Ministry of Defense placed an order for the purchase of about 50 pieces of Russian 4 ++ generation fighters. But the MiG-35 had not yet been adopted by the Russian Aerospace Forces, not to mention export, so the Egyptians bought 46 MiG-29Ms of the previous generation, which today remain the most combat-ready aircraft in the Egyptian Air Force "- приводит data published by "Reporter" with reference to "The Military Watch".

According to analysts, the likelihood that Egypt will want to acquire these fighters is very high, since both the Su-35 and the MiG-35 can significantly increase the defense capability of Egypt, and, in the future, Egypt could become the owner of at least 12 fifth-generation Su- 57.

It should be clarified that earlier in the Arab media there was information that Egypt purchased from Russia a batch of 24 to 50 MiG-35 fighters - these data were not officially confirmed either from Egypt or from Russia.

Typical bargaining in an oriental bazaar: "Uh-uh, your peaches are rotten ..." - it seems, right?