Nuclear submarine


The crews of nuclear submarines of the Northern Fleet and the garrison on Novaya Zemlya were vaccinated against coronavirus

The Russian military was vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The press service of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy reported that as part of the measures taken to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, 7600 servicemen and crew members of nuclear submarines, as well as the garrison on Novaya Zemlya, took part in the vaccination against coronavirus infection. Thus, the Russian military maintained the combat readiness and defense capability of their forces, eliminating the likelihood of mass infection with coronavirus infection.

“First of all, the injections were received by the command of the military command of the Northern Fleet, the crews of nuclear submarines, surface ships and support ships, military and civilian doctors who are on the front line of the fight against coronavirus infection. 600 doses of vaccine were delivered for the vaccination of military personnel and civilian specialists of the Novaya Zemlya garrison and 560 doses for the Mirny garrison of the Arkhangelsk region ", - said the press service of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy.

To date, a very serious set of anti-pandemic measures is being carried out in the Russian army, which makes it possible to avoid mass infection with coronavirus in units, including this applies to the Russian strategic forces, while serious problems with the NATO fleet due to the coronavirus are already being observed.