Erdogan threatens Russia with heavy weapons strikes against Syria

The Turkish President threatened Russia with heavy blows on Syria.

During a meeting with journalists, Turkish President Recep Erdogan made a statement in which he began to threaten Moscow and Damascus with the use of heavy weapons in Syria. According to Erdogan, in the event of an escalation in Idlib, which implies the start of an offensive operation and strikes on the positions of Turkish troops, Turkey will immediately inflict heavy blows on Syria.

According to Erdogan, Turkey will not make any concessions in Idlib, and in case of violation of the agreements, which Ankara itself does not adhere to, strikes will be launched on Syria.

“Currently, our activities continue in critical areas of the region. No compromises whatsoever. We are continuing this process in Syria. At this point, I do not know what the regime will do, but we continue to do whatever is necessary against this approach, especially in Idlib, and continue to respond with all of our heavy weapons. We cannot let this take its course. "- said the Turkish president in an interview with reporters.

In turn, Turkey is actively transferring its heavy military equipment, weapons and military personnel to Idlib, without notifying the Russian side in advance. This is also a violation. Against the background of such actions by Ankara, Russia may again strike at Turkish servicemen if Turkey denies the presence of the latter in the front-line areas, as happened two years earlier, when more than 34 Turkish servicemen were killed as a result of an attack by a Su-30 fighter-bomber.

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They do what they see fit. And we just, as always, promise to give an answer. Sadly.