One year old girl died at Vnukovo airport.


One year old girl died at Vnukovo airport.

December 22 2013. AT Vnukovo in the aircraft flight Moscow - Caucasus (Mineral Waters) year old girl died 2012 year of birth. Since it was a relative - Aunt 27 years, which carried it to the treatment. The plane never took off from the airport. The crew members immediately called the police station.

At the moment, the investigation is underway, airport staff and the police are trying to contact the parents of the child. Doctors find out the cause of death.

Parents are in Kabardino-Balkaria. Phone of the father of the child 89604222001

How pitifully kids! How many sick children! If the "uncles" of the whole world were not so cruel and indifferent to people, the world would become purer and lighter. But while there are human vices, such as greed, self-interest. The insatiable sense of money-making .... children will perish. But they would pay attention to the girl before and. perhaps. The baby would be alive. Indifference to someone else's grief-scourge of today's humanity ... Only the innocent in this story did not suffer ...