Chaos and confusion: Russia prepares to punish Britain with the most powerful electronic suppression of the entire kingdom

Russia is ready to begin tough revenge for Britain's provocations at its borders.

The provocative actions of Great Britain can lead to the complete destabilization of the national defense of this country, since, in response, Russia is ready not only to regularly send its fighters and strategic bombers to the borders of the kingdom, but also to come to grips with the destruction of the British air and missile defense system, through placement at the borders this state has the most powerful means of electronic warfare.

According to experts, in comparison with Great Britain, Russia has an almost inexhaustible source of military influence, in particular, strategic bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces are ready to regularly fly near British borders, and if necessary, Russian warships equipped with modern and long-range electronic warfare systems can for hours, days, weeks and even months jamming any communications in the United Kingdom.

“If London wants to measure its strength, then Albion may well prepare to cut off any communications with the outside world. Satellite communications, Internet access, the operation of air defense and radar systems, global positioning means - Russia can easily turn it off, covering the UK with a continuous band of electronic influence. In fact, Russia will not even violate anything, but we can say with confidence that in just a few days, real chaos will begin in London ”, - the expert marks.

It should be noted that earlier it became known that the UK is trying to interfere with the work of Russian air defense systems.

It's impossible. Families live with our leaders in London.

Russian harnesses long and slowly, and then you will know what.

No one will announce their intentions in advance, especially in the military sphere. If this is not another idle talk.

Oh, what about our oligarchs will live in LONDON. Laughter, they won't let Russia cover London.

Unfortunately, the possibilities of electronic warfare are far from being as endless as the author imagines. It is unlikely that anyone in London will even notice the work of our means of suppression. Unless we are renting, for example, Piccadilly Circus and deploying an electronic warfare regiment there.

Well, yes, Russian top officials will give the order to block the bank cards of their children and grandchildren in England with the help of electronic warfare))))) Now I'll start laughing)))

Let them try! A pug is not a hindrance to an elephant. Let Scotland and Ireland scare. Here they are - the real threat of the death of the whole of Great Britain.

What nonsense, from us you can expect, at most, only a note of protest, they are not capable of more!

How will our rulers leave their relatives without communication?

Well, of course. families live there, business and money. who will cut the branch on which he sits?

As they say "A dog that barks does not bite" And you have to bite.

As usual, these are only threats. You should not threaten if you are not going to enforce the threat. This will definitely be considered a sign of weakness.

And that since ancient times it was once different. Friends and relatives and even brothers and sisters of kings and kings have always lived in all states. You look through the pedigrees and see something and understand that it was not protected from wars!

The fifth column is too weak to enjoy the protection of Russia while living with an enemy. We'll have to choose a homeland.

When Russia really responds to Great Britain and covers at least part of Albion with its own electronic warfare means, then we'll talk. And so, this is an empty concussion. Unfortunately, it is not in the tradition of Russia to make such demarches ...

Another boastful la-la!
If they could have punished that way, they would have landed British planes opposing our air defense!

go from words to deeds

I think so. But it's high time, for a couple of days

We must not chat, but do !!!

What is the "trick". Bankers escaped, bureaucratic money is what you need. Anyway, no courts have succeeded in returning them to the country's economy. This is what the "Russians" have there in the villages where the children live. Those close to the government have long been well hidden under sanctions and money in "friendly" banks. And Tinkov, Deribaska is being "sucked" ?! So much for the "trial in absentia". for confiscation though. !!!!

They will do nothing, they will be afraid!

Which ones? Runaway bankers? Officials? Come on. They, the money, still disappeared for the country's economy and cannot be "pulled out" by any courts. To punish them somehow. Those closest to power will bring denyuzhki to the same China, so that they do not get sanctions.

They're already there! Do not own the information!

Nothing will happen.........
There are a lot of children, wives, relatives of prominent Russian officials and businessmen living in England now ..
Which for England is a durable shield from Russia ..
And while they are there, Russia cannot threaten anyone

In England, whole blocks of houses belong to Russian oligarchs. What are we talking about? Will our officials allow this? They have children, property, money. This is their alternate airfield.

You are right 100% homeland is one

No need to say nonsense, if there was a loot of our officials, then we would have put up with the British for a long time, but this, as we see, is not so, if we do this, a war can start, and as I understand it, you are not ready to fight, like everyone else who's building a warrior out of himself, they say, we'll tear the brites, that's why Russia doesn't do stupid things, and your speculation is your speculation and nothing more.

You're a fool, my friend.
Russian ships will not even be able to approach the English shores - they will be immediately sunk by the NATO fleet without any problems at all. So your fantasies are simply unrealistic.

why do you live in a dense jungle? Russia has long ago created an SvB system analogous to the WHISTU - called SBS (fast payment system) - international!

In Britain, the process of blocking the accounts of Russian thieves is already in full swing, so the scenario of strangling her to complete submission is more real than ever!

Well, yes, Russia does not depend at all on the international payment system SWIFT :)))

And, after the shutdown of Russia and payments to the Navy, Russia (unlike, I'm afraid, the World Bank) will have nothing. For our financial structure (including payment systems) has long been independent of the West ...

But the Navy will lose a huge amount of money on lost transactions. ) Russia is not Ukraine with Lithuania, tea. )))

Russia will not do anything of the kind as long as there are billions of pounds of Russian power and oligarchs, including real estate, in British banks. The loss of so much stolen wealth will be a blow, first of all, to the authorities themselves.
Do not write nonsense and do not agitate the minds of ordinary citizens!

You are wrong, they love their homeland
Where does the homeland begin with a picture in my primer ... listen

Before you comment on something, you must at least understand something. And then the World Bank? I would say about SWIFT it would be understandable, but even that is not scary.

There are no problems of punishment for the insolence of our couples at all, there would be an order. We are ready to destroy their email. means without stepping a boot into their territory.

Aha already ran to jam their accounts and real estate in London.

Scared the goat with a pistol! They will cut off the World Bank payments to Russia and see who will start chaos.

if you re-read "The Master and Margarita" - the time capsule is everywhere - yes, this is a literary work, but there was also a "Philadelphia experiment" - once the hyperboloid of Ing Garin was considered fiction - now the laser as a common thing - no destroyer I don't need - enough of a quadrocopter with camera as test subject

Nonsense. Who will put these obstacles? And villas, accounts of children and yachts. Who will risk it? They would rather sell everything left in Russia to the West than risk unbearable gains

None of this will happen. Ours is like Leopold the cat in the UN - LET'S GUYS LET'S LIVE FRIENDLY!

We are masters in our language ... If we are so cool that we won't burn out all the stuffing of a couple of Poseidons who almost fly into the Crimea? We must do, and not chat, then they will be afraid = RESPECT !!!

We must do, not speak.

It is high time from words to deeds. And then greyhounds are above the norm, "don't wake the bear", otherwise you won't end up with trouble !!!!