Curious American "spy" plane accidentally hit by Russian cruise missiles

An American reconnaissance plane was hit by Russian cruise missiles.

An attempt by the American military to monitor the situation on the territory of Crimea and study the operation of air defense systems that protect the Crimean bridge led to the fact that the Boeing P-8A Poseidon aircraft fell into the zone of destruction of Russian cruise missiles, which were launched, according to the Russian defense department. , in the direction of flight of an American aircraft.

Despite the fact that the Russian military completely blocked any sea and air approaches to Crimea, the American military aircraft violated the boundaries of the airspace of the restricted zone, and ended up in the zone of destruction of cruise missiles. At the moment, it is known that the volleys were fired by the Bal and Bastion coastal missile systems, however, despite the fact that the missiles are anti-ship, they could well have hit the plane.

"The crews of the Bal and Bastion complexes received the task of destroying the ship group with a missile strike. Having made a march to the positional areas, the missilemen promptly brought the complexes into battle, searched for targets and carried out their defeat, having spent one missile each. the enemy used large ship target shields ", - about it сообщает Russian defense department.

According to PlaneRadar, at the time of the missile launches, at least one of the two US military aircraft in the area crossed the no-fly zone, which could well have had tragic consequences.

These are only dreams and conversations. Ours do not dare. but we ought to stand up for ourselves and punish them.