Attack of the Hussites


Hussites conducted a large-scale attack with rockets and UAVs on Saudi Arabia

Yemeni rebels bombarded the airport in Saudi Arabia, media reported

On the night of 11 on 12, June, the rebels of the Ansar Alla movement (the Hussites) made a statement that they had fired at the main airport in the south-western part of Saudi Arabia, in the city of Abha. After the outbreak of hostilities in Yemen, flights from other airways of the kingdom in areas bordering the neighboring republic were transferred to this airport.

Hussite-controlled television channel Al-Masirah, referring to a military source, reported that "the missile aimed at the Abha airport accurately hit the target, the air communication was interrupted."

On the same night, the coalition reported on the attack of the Houthis on the military air base named after King Khaled, which is located near the border with Yemen. The attack was carried out with the help of drones. All of them, as stated by the coalition, were shot down. However, the rebels claim that they were able to strike, which affected weapons depots, operational rooms and radar at the base.

On Wednesday, June 12, a Houthite spokesman warned that they had the opportunity to deliver tangible blows at important targets in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. It is emphasized that the strikes will be applied to objects more distant from the Yemeni border.

In May, a large resonance was caused by the undermining of the central oil pipeline Hussite in Saudi Arabia. After that attack through the pipeline, oil pumping was suspended for a while.