Rocket R-77


India accuses Russia of supplying low-quality missiles

Russian missiles lost to American in battle.

According to NDTV, in New Delhi, they are unhappy with Russian aircraft missiles, which did not ensure the superiority of Indian fighters over Pakistan’s F-16 during the air conflict between the countries in February of this year.

Because of this, India intends to replace them with counterparts manufactured in Israel, but since quite recently there was a message that New Delhi is buying 700 missiles from Russia, their replacement with Israeli ones will occur gradually.

During the conflict in February, a Pakistani F-16 with an AIM-120 missile shot down an Indian MiG-100 from a distance of 21 kilometers. Two Indian Su-30SMs were also fired upon, but the pilots dodged the missiles while maneuvering. They could not retaliate against the F-16, because of the P-77, which did not allow it. The Indian Air Force pilots were unable to capture targets.

Referring to its own sources, NDTV proves that Russian missiles do not meet the stated characteristics and are not capable of hitting planes at a distance exceeding 80 kilometers, in other words, India claims that Russia has supplied poor-quality weapons to this country. At the same time, the upgraded AIM-120C-5, acquired by Pakistan from the USA, has a range of 100 kilometers. As for the newest AIM-120D, their maximum range is 160 kilometers.

Now India is interested in Israeli I-Derby missiles. They can hit targets at a distance of 100 kilometers, but this causes difficulty. Such missiles need to be integrated with the Su-30CM, but the Russian manufacturer will not do it.

The Russian P-77 missiles have been used by the Indian Air Force for a long time. There were no complaints about this weapon. True, the country's leadership expressed dissatisfaction with the ship's MiG-29K. After the proceedings, Russia was forced to admit that the marriage was still admitted.

As for the replacement of missiles with Israeli ones, then, buying Russian P-77, India plans to acquire a large batch of new fighters. It is likely that she will not buy the aircraft from Russia. Of course, the Russian side will traditionally offer its fighters, including the MiG-35.

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