Iran announces transfer of additional air defense assets to Syria

The Syrian military will no longer depend on the Russian S-300 air defense systems.

Iranian authorities have announced that they will strengthen the Syrian air defense system by supplying Syria with its own air defense equipment, including short, medium and long range systems. They are planned to be deployed throughout Syria, which will allow to hunt drones, helicopters and fighters of the opponents of Syria - Israel and the United States.

Despite the fact that Iran is not positioned as the country that developed any highly effective air defense systems, Tehran has one important advantage - the previously liquidated US strategic reconnaissance drone. In addition, Iranian air defense systems are also located in Yemen, and over the past two years, the Hussites have been very successful in defeating drones, helicopters and fighters of Saudi Arabia and the United States.

According to the Syrian media, the previously Syrian air defense system was very dependent on Russia - according to the Syrian side, the radars transmitted by Russia to the S-300 simply did not work until the time of the strikes, however, now, with the advent of the Iranian air defense systems, strikes on the territory the Arab Republic can become much smaller, and Syria from a victim can turn into a real hunter, including for F-35 fighters, which are increasingly appearing in the airspace of this country.

The Russian side does not officially comment on the appearance of Iranian air defense systems in Syria.