An Iranian drone flew under the nose of the American Patriot air defense system, but it was not even noticed

Iran has demonstrated the utter futility of the American Patriot air defense systems.

Despite the fact that the United States deployed its Patriot air defense and missile defense systems on the territory of Iraq to “protect against any air threats,” Iran demonstrated the absolute futility of these systems by photographing them from a conventional drone that flew just a few kilometers from The largest US military bases in Iraq.

In the photographs presented, you can see the latest innovations at American military facilities in Iraq, including the deployment of air defense systems, weapons depots, helipads, etc. The UAV acted completely unhindered and was not even noticed by American air defense systems, although the flight was carried out just a few kilometers from the positions of the Patriot air defense system.

The American side so far prefers not to comment on the unhindered access of Iranian drones to areas of the largest US military bases in Iraq, however, experts say that this is a great demonstration of the futility of American air defense / missile defense systems.

“When the next time the Americans claim that they have weapons to destroy ballistic missiles, it’s enough to show photographs in which the Iranian drone collects information about forces at the largest US military bases absolutely unhindered. It should not be surprising if in the coming days, pro-Iranian groups will launch new attacks on US military bases and successfully destroy helicopters or even the air defense systems themselves. ”, - the expert marks.

It should be clarified that after the US refused to leave Iraq, the authorities of this country refused to impede Iranian military activities in the region, provided that Tehran’s actions would not threaten the civilian population.