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Source: Russia allowed the Syrian military to use C-300 against Israel

Amid Israeli attacks on Syrian territory, Russia allowed the Syrian military to use the S-300 air defense system.

Against the background of how Israel was repeatedly seen for striking at Syria despite the previously reached agreements between Russia and Israel, the source of the resource reported that the Syrian military received permission to use its air defense systems in the event of the slightest threat from Israel , provided that the Syrian side bears responsibility for such actions.

“Russia has allowed the Syrian military to bring C-300 to full combat readiness and attack Israeli aircraft in the event of the slightest threat”, - the source said.

It is noteworthy that information about this appeared after the day before the day when Israeli F-35 fighters launched new missile attacks on Syrian territory, completely ignoring Moscow’s position on this issue.

Moreover, according to some reports, before the end of this month, the BAVAR-373 Iranian air defense systems, which are analogues of the Russian C-300, and capable of detecting stealth targets, which, incidentally, include Israeli F -35, at distances up to 150-180 kilometers.

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