Fighter Rafale disabled the radar of the Russian Su-35

The radar of the Russian Su-35 was disabled by a powerful electronic warfare system.

The invulnerability of the Russian Su-35 fighter was called into question after it became known that in a training battle, the Egyptian Air Force Rafale fighter, as a result of the use of an electronic suppression complex, was able to disable the radar station of the Russian combat aircraft, in fact, blinding it. As a result, the training battle was lost by the Su-35 fighter.

“During the training battles, the Su-35 tried to attack the Rafale, playing the role of the“ aggressor ”. With the help of the Thales Spectra system of protection and prevention of enemy fire control (electronic warfare equipment - electronic warfare), the French fighter still managed to drown out the phased antenna array (PAR) of the Su-35 radar. After disabling it, the Russian fighter was unable to aim the weapon at the enemy and was easily knocked out by Rafal. "- reports the publication "Moscow Komsomolets."

A little earlier, the news agency reported that, as part of a training battle, the Russian Su-35 fighter lost to the French Rafale fighter, although it was in the attack, which caused a number of doubts about the effectiveness of this combat aircraft.

Exactly how many series of training battles were fought between the Su-35 and Rafale fighters is still unknown.

Egypt did not buy Su 35 and it does NOT have them !!! What training battles with Rafal can we talk about ?? Or someone played some kind of "shooter" and announced a complete victory?
And until 1982 and after in the raft until today (and most likely further) Arabs are Arabs! Put them even on a starship, the result will always be a big "0"!
And on account of "... the true price of Soviet dummies called MiG ..." Back in 1971-72-75, when MIG 25 (Soviet pilots) flew over Israel, the Jews could not get them even with rockets! Then Moshe Dayan's eye almost went to his forehead from impotent anger, and Golda Meir wanted to gnaw his throat for being unable to do anything.

Dreamers ... :)))

HEADLIGHTS SU-35 is not the only thing for aiming weapons.
Optical locating station OLS-35, combining a heat direction finder, a laser rangefinder-target designator and a television channel.
The detection range of an air target with a heat direction finder in the front hemisphere is at least 50 km, in the rear - at least 90 km. The laser rangefinder measures the distance to an air target in a range of up to 20 km.
"Rafal" would have been hit in real combat.
And in aerodynamics, the Su-35 surpasses many aircraft, except for the F-22 /

Egypt bought the first five SU-35s. Landed for onward flight in Novosibirsk on July 23, 2021. HOW COULD THEY participate in a "training battle with" Rafal "?))
Namely, a training battle was allegedly held in Egypt.
I think this is fake. And even more so, we are generally talking about export vehicles.

You were deceived, not 90, but 1090

Losses of Israeli aviation according to Soviet estimates

The victories of Syrian aviation over Israeli aircraft are listed in sufficient detail in the works of V. Ilyin (MiG-23 in the Middle East [8] and Multipurpose fighters of foreign countries [9]):

June 7 - shot down two aircraft (both - F-16)
June 8 - Three planes shot down (one F-16, two A-4)
June 9 - six planes shot down (two F-15, two F-16, one F-4, one Kfir)
June 10 - downed ten aircraft (including at least three F-15 and one F-16; the types of the remaining aircraft are not reported)
June 11 - Three planes shot down (all three are F-4)

That you do not ask questions - you spread ..))

1982, June, Lebanese War:
"... However, there were examples of successful actions of the Syrian air defense. The anti-aircraft missile division of the 13th anti-aircraft missile brigade" Kvadrat "escaped the attack eight times, skillfully used anti-jamming equipment and, according to Russian data, destroyed 3 aircraft. data during the military conflict Syrian air defense systems destroyed 34 air targets, including 27 aircraft, 3 fire support helicopters and 4 UAVs .... "
MiG-23 versus F-15 and F-16 .... different weight categories.

And I have only one question - when, where and under what circumstances could this training battle take place? There is no Su-35 in service with the Egyptian Air Force and is not expected. Has anyone heard of the Russian and Egyptian Air Force's joint exercises?

No wonder, Israel back in 1982 over the Bekaa Valley convincingly showed the whole world the true value of Soviet dummies called MiGs, knocking down almost 90 of these useless people in one battle and not losing a single one of its own. Since then, nothing has changed.

Russia did not support Egypt in the UN in the dispute over the construction of the Ethiopian dam - this is the result of a mock battle.

nonsense, radar Irbis su35 is the most powerful up to 20 kW (cannot be muffled), for f22 16 kW

"Technology in the hands of a savage is a piece of iron." An old adage.

It's like a sensation like "a seventy-year-old gave birth to triplets"

In a training battle, every hero.

They set up laboratory experiments. Without Russian fighters, and most importantly: pilots.

Is this a custom article or a thoughtless quoting of the "correct" foreign sources? And as usual: Su-35 aggressor!

Does the SU-35 have its own electronic warfare system, or has it turned out to be ineffective? Unclear.

And what about the optoelectronic station?