War in Syria


Bullying of American soldiers over the Russian military hit the video

The US military mocked Russian troops in Syria.

A few hours ago, under circumstances unknown at the moment, while making another attempt to patrol in the northern part of Syria, the Russian armored car drove off the road right in the vicinity of the American military convoy. Despite the fact that the Russian-made armored car is considered a cross-country vehicle, the vehicle could not get out of the mud on its own, which caused only ridicule and bullying from the American military personnel located here.

On the presented video frames you can see the moment at which the Russian Tiger armored car stuck in the mud is captured, while it is reported that in reality, we are talking about two vehicles, in particular, at some point the video appears and armored personnel carrier BTR-82, which is also stuck in the mud.

American servicemen shooting the corresponding video frames do not hide their smiles, since the video once again became an occasion to discredit Russian military equipment, especially since such a case is far from the only one.

Given the current situation, experts suggested that the US military patrol once again intercepted the Russian military on one of the roads in Syria, while the Russian military simply tried to go around the mobile checkpoint, but failed to do so.

There really is a mockery. The Americans are in the mud so the Russians get stuck. But it is empty. And there’s nothing to laugh here .. Some work, while others are engaged in stupid things, they are fooling around. So often in life. Someone is working, trying, and the other is laughing .. But reality comes, and these soap bubbles burst, worse than any ridicule, and even the Vietnam War.
These ridicule from the meaninglessness and utopianism of their goals. From spiritual drunkenness and the degradation of American society. So they laugh at themselves.
According to the latest data (if you believe the numbers), 3 died from the coronavirus in the USA - this is more than in China already, and there are more infected than the maximum number in Italy. And this superpower economy cannot do anything about this issue. Here it is a policy of complacency and selfishness. And I think that this is just a sketch ..

if you have enough mind to judge the combat readiness of the army by stuck armored cars in the mud there are few idiots ..

The problem is in the training of drivers, it is necessary to try to plant an APC.

And what they can do, just laugh! They are already all under America, but Russia still cannot bend! And what kind of Americans are warriors - history has shown disgrace!

came out of the Tiger, grenade launchers instructed and forced to push the funniest ...

And why did you decide that Russian technology was stuck in the mud? Believe the comment on the video? Stupid. Even the video fragment shows that the situation on the road is completely different.

For ours, this can be taken as a teaching. I think in the end they got out. There is no “shame” here. Just more often you need to overcome mud obstacles. Then the experience will be. And the equipment is suitable on machines.

I see the Russian Armed Forces blocking the road, which pulls out the Russian Armed Forces blocking equipment on the road, American soldiers are watching these actions, which Russian vehicles prevent from traveling in a straight line. All this is removed by someone located between the equipment of the Russian Federation and the USA.

When the money stolen in the country is stored in the banks of a potential adversary, the army is powerless

Cool! US Army armed with Kalash and Bumblebees?

Ah well done! Run for toilet paper.)))

This already happened, only the French, Germans invaded .... And our block of posts passed around the roadside ... And where did your beloved Hitler and Napoleon end up?

What nonsense are you talking about !!!! And you probably sit on the couch and carry this nonsense to the address of our army ... Shame on you that you are not a patriot of your country!


This is the essence of Putin’s army. The Americans said “no” and the warrior-rakers ran into a puddle, where they settled. Now imagine a different picture. The Americans are coming, and Putin’s wars prevent them from passing through. What would they be after that? They wiped themselves, plaintively squeaked something and missed the Americans

Shame on our troops or those who were on this patrol. These military shame on the Russian army !!!

They are all for the money, and even ...

It was just necessary to ram. The brain must be turned on, and almond. They do not understand another language.

On fishing, this did not happen ... and Syria is a world place for fishing for oil ... there are different fishermen.

Laughs the one who laughs last!

Less words - Cheaper telegram
From SPARKS - the flame will ignite
Party - Mind - Honor and Conscience of our era
The party is our helmsman
Glory to the CPSU - Hurray comrades!
Hooray - Hooray - Hooray AAAAAAA! ! !
For the fact that it snows in winter - thanks to the native party!
Winter has passed, summer has come - thanks to the party for this!
M.A. Ozersky, St. Petersburg.

We laughed at them more often. In Yugoslavia, Vietnam and the same Syria. Do not we complex stronger.

Ramzan and how many countries in the world? And how many of them laugh? Have you ever been stuck in a car?

They do not cut out the boat, but perform a regular operation to free the ice hatches or pull-out devices. The boat does not have to completely float in the ice

Oh well. Especially now they laugh very much. They are asking for help in the fight against coronovirus and are lying about laughing. It seems to me that it’s only you here who chuckle nervously in the hope that they will not scold.

When the time comes to die, then look at the Yankees smiles

Ramzanka, show yourself, we’ll laugh at you!

everything is fine, nothing criminal.

Interestingly, if the Americans invade Russia, then our warriors will also drive around American roadblocks along the sidelines?))) I think so.

We must also send them help. The situation is not clear when the troops illegally in the country are chasing our army across Syria ((which is legally located there for a minute), while ours silently suffer humiliation. Or explain to us mortals what the joke is?

Are you laughing at the Russians too?

For money.

Well said, well done. You respect.

They are standing and we are standing and who earlier wants to leave another question

It is unlikely - these are fighting on paper

And laugh right, nothing surprising! Not Russians, to laugh at the Americans? And the whole world is laughing at Russia !!!

And where is the bullying? I looked through it several times, I thought - I didn’t see something ... Should they have climbed into the mud?

Something I did not see bullying.

No need to go around. You just need to get your patrol a meter away from the Americans.

In such circumstances, you need to find time for jokes. They laughed, then they laugh at them.

Ah! So it’s ours, because of the fear of contracting the coronovirus from Americans, they traveled around them! Thanks without you, no one would have guessed about it!

Do not dig a hole for another ... Americans, apparently, do not know the continuation of this proverb, as well as the proverb itself.

They mock us, and we sent them two planes of medical equipment and protective equipment to fight the coronavirus. Russia is a wide soul ....

The claimed high-profile topic does not meet the content!


It's okay, they did not enter into conflict. The road is blocked, they tried to go round.

Hardly anyone dares to laugh at Russia.

And who said that Americans should be there?

It’s good that the roadside is not mined ...

Ours also laughed when the Americans cut a submarine with chainsaws from ice.

Exactly, only you have everything in words, and the Russians have a usual business with whom it does not happen.

What do you know about the whole world?

Damaged, it’s ours that chases the Americans, like boys. An order was given - not to be conducted on provocations - execute. Ours is the military, not the American groaning megalomania.

The ridicule was seen by purely civilian and non-technical journalists. The tank will sit in such a liquid. I have a lot of experience driving off-road all-wheel drive. All the fighters reacted calmly to the situation.

I didn’t see or hear any laugh, the regular situation

Ours also sent PMCs there

So what happens.

I am 100% sure that ours argued that they would drive and get stuck on the road)))

I hope the Spring package is valid, and also the FSB will pay attention to this article on discrediting our military

Or maybe they were specially stuck there to better consider the checkpoint. This is a feminine look at what is happening.

As always, we have everything in words only

Amerikosy mock and laugh not at the fact that the Russians are stuck in the mud, but about the fact that they are driving them like hares. They put cars on the way, and ours cowardly go around them. They are the owners in Syria. And it’s not the first time they frighten Russians as boys .

I remember how Prokopenko laughed how, when landing, the Americans smashed three hammers, and then our brave paratroopers also split two bmd when landing. Clowns are there, and there.

And you are 100% sure that this happened in the territory where our military is supported by the local population. There are territories where our people are hated like Americans. Are you completely sure that these Amerikosovskie nerds will not open fire on the locals if they begin to implement your arguments? "... Everyone imagines himself a strategist, seeing the battle from the side ..."

I also do not see any mockery.

All that is visible in the photo (not a video at all) - a Russian car quietly goes round an American patrol on the virgin lands (there was an order not to enter into conflict). Everything else is the insinuations of the author, whom we must take our word for ...

Here Michael would say which Americans are dumber ...

And who said ours should be there?

Yes, nothing is visible on the video, why aggravate the situation. Even if someone there smiles, this does not mean discrimination of our technology. I am sure that in such a thin man the American abrams would be bogged down by the very tanks.

And what is special or insulting there? If this happened to the Americans and ours would be neighing. Fine.

I would also laugh, so what?

There is our (their) money in the USA, their children are there, their houses are there ... Help is needed there, otherwise they will be offended!

There is no question here whether American armored vehicles would be bogged down or not, the question is that the Americans are simply hosting where they should not be, that’s the question!

I don’t understand why ours went around the US checkpoint. It was necessary to organize local residents and they would go to the checkpoint. Take this video and let the whole world swagger. It is necessary to demolish illegal roadblocks. I generally suspect that this is not the US military, but a private military company. if so - in their ditch and as if there wasn’t ... this is already bandits, not soldiers.

The whole world is mocking the Americans, they have long walked down. And the fact that the car was stuck for a Russian soldier is quite an ordinary situation, if for Americans this is a disaster, then this is their problem.

Yes, ordinary humor, we would also neigh at first over them, then help ... I think they are the same ... these are not politicians, ordinary soldiers ... I think so ...

Well, not all the time we make fun of them.

And where is the mockery here? It’s just that a Russian armored personnel carrier pulls out a Tiger and there weren’t any chuckles from the Americans. This is a common ordinary problem, there is nothing supernatural or unusual here. And you are an author out of a molehill.

Well, maybe an anti-tank mine on the way ...

No bullying of Russian soldiers is considered here.

And they did. The second plane was sent with antivirus agents.

The whole world is already swaying over Russia.

Concisely and at 10!

Yes, it’s worth trying to demolish unmarked roadblocks. Suppress fire Ishilov, disguised in the American form. If there are parts of the US Army, then they should have passages.

What prevents you from putting dumps on the APC and driving through such posts with a battering ram?

No, of course we would also have provided humanitarian assistance ....

A cheap newspaper rejoices that the armored car is stalled. Is that all this newspaper can write about? This is the bottom.

Yes, in general, it was not necessary to go round the Americans, but to push and ride on asphalt.

Smart always laughs last. Axiom.

I don’t see the ridicule! And why laugh? The normal situation! Everything happens in life! Russia is the best! I love my MOTHERLAND!

I do not see any mockery and bullying by the amers on the video, they are the same warriors as ours. Understand that roles can change.

I saw three cars. One of them is American without a flag. The Russians pull the American out of the mud with an American cable.

Where did our guys in Syria find dirt? There is sand all around. Or as in the Russian proverb ;-)

you need to know about the fields especially about rice

need air support.

Yes, you're right, well, let them watch and take pictures --- but what would our people do? They also didn’t need help, and if they needed it, the Americans would offer

I don’t understand .... what the conversation is about ... and where is the mockery here .... I watch this every day on TV .... road accidents .... it turns out I mock those people the cat got into an accident or got stuck in snow / dirt?

The main part of the technician also drove judging by the video, and the stuck ones were the last

and what prevented our drive on the road?

Not relevant. This video is already with a beard.

And what is being bullied? Amerikosa stand, look dutifully. They understand that in any situation the Russians cannot be stopped. That's all...

And I neighing when their combat vehicles left the landing ships during exercises. and then the amers dug them with shovels. This is rzhach!

Not knowing the ford .... and so, a normal reaction. But ... we give them masks helmet planes.

Us taxes - help them with airplanes

Yes, they would begin to help. Here's a big plane with medical help for the richest country, they sent it, although Trump did not ask. Could send some country poorer. In the USA, they call the Russian Federation an adversary; sanctions are forever declared. And the leadership of the Russian Federation always calls them partners and always tries to curry favor. They will help to pull out a submarine, then they will protect the American soldiers in Syria from local attacks, now it’s a big plane with medical help. Although even in some regions of the Russian Federation themselves are not enough. Why, so to speak, to put it mildly, to be fawning? When the Russians learn in history lessons that there is no sense in engaging in self-sacrifice for the ungrateful. Well, Bulgaria, Poland and other countries of the former socialist camp said thank you for what, hundreds of thousands of soldiers grew.imp., And then the Soviet Union lost their freedom?

The Germans, too, walked towards Stalingrad in the summer of 42.

I would look at their technique .. in the field ...

You might think that if American equipment got bogged down, Russian soldiers would begin to worry and, breaking their legs, would rush to pull them out of the mud. Most likely the reaction would be similar. After all, the relationship there between the two parties is not the best. This is a war, not an institution of noble maidens.

There TANKS skid !!! That is why the struggle for these roads is being waged!

American hamers are no better stuck in the same way, dirt is a common story, there is nothing unusual here, and smiles are a natural reaction