Israeli F-16 fighter attacked from Strela-2 MANPADS on the border with the Gaza Strip

An Israeli F-16 fighter jet was attacked from a Strela-2 MANPADS while trying to approach the Gaza Strip.

Radical Palestinians attacked an Israeli F-16 fighter jet while trying to approach the border of the Gaza Strip to strike at members of the Palestinian armed groups. The attack on the Israeli combat aircraft was carried out using the Soviet-made Strela-2 portable anti-aircraft missile system.

In video footage taken by members of the Palestinian radical group, you can see how the target is captured and a missile is launched at it. Due to the fact that the Israeli combat aircraft was approximately at the maximum range of these MANPADS, the fighter managed to get out of the firing zone, as a result of which the missile did not cause him any damage. However, the emergence of a large number of such air defense systems in the arsenal of the Palestinians threatens the freedom of action of Israeli military aviation.

To date, it is not known where exactly the Palestinians are armed with portable air defense systems, however, earlier Israel tried to accuse Syria of supplying these weapons to Lebanon, as well as to the territory of the Gaza Strip.


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