The aircraft SSJ-100


China wants to buy more than 100 Russian aircraft SSJ-100

China is interested in the supply of Russian aircraft SSJ-100.

At the moment, on this occasion the company is actively negotiating, and will appear at the resource data, we can talk about at least a hundred aircraft SJS-100 supplied by leasing scheme.

Official comments regarding deliveries to China Russian passenger aircraft Sukhoi SuperJet 100 not currently received, however, experts believe that it is a contract for at least 3,5 billion dollars, which in turn will bring Russian aircraft manufacturers not only impressive profits, but also actually create a successful advertising for its products.

Among other things, it is possible that the supply to China 100 Russian aircraft SSJ-100 may be associated with earlier concluded agreement between the two countries on the progress of the Russian passenger aircraft production in the eastern region of the planet.


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