C-400 rocket


China has discovered an unexpected property in Russian missiles for C-400

Russian anti-aircraft missiles for the C-400 unexpectedly delighted China.

The Sina news publication reports that the Chinese military were indescribably delighted to suddenly discover the unique properties of the Russian anti-aircraft missiles 9M96 and 48Н6, which, as it turned out, have a guarantee shelf life of twice that of all currently known missiles armed with the PRC.

“The shelf life of conventional missiles is much shorter: for example, the shelf life of the Aspide (PL-10) is 5 years, the shelf life of the Sea Dart is 8 years, and for anti-aircraft missiles 9М96Е, 9М96Е2, 48Н6-, PRO C-400 acquired by China has a shelf life of 10 years. "These missiles are not expensive and are often used in exercises, so there is no need to have a long shelf life, but even then they are superior to other missiles."- reports edition.

It should be clarified that China is extremely satisfied with the Russian S-400 air defense and missile defense systems, but the purchase of more of these systems is still in doubt, due primarily to the fact that China is developing its own long-range air defense / missile defense systems.

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These missiles are no longer the latest development. Plus this is an export option.

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