small-engine aircraft


Control of small aircraft will toughen

Moscow Region authorities intend to strengthen control over small aircraft.

In the near future, pilots of light aircraft will not only be held administratively liable for violation of flight rules, but may even be deprived of their certificates allowing them to be controlled by airborne equipment. This is mainly due to the last catastrophe that occurred when the pilot of a light aircraft Cessna 206, who did not have the right to fly an aircraft, collided in the sky with a helicopter Robinson R44, as a result of which several people died tragically.

It is assumed that for violation of the flight rules several penalties will be increased, however, experts in turn note that this will not be enough - only targeted inspections will help identify violations and minimize the likelihood of an emergency.

In turn, it should be noted that the edition of the information resource has repeatedly noted that only strict control over compliance with rules and regulations of flights will avoid the tragic consequences of air accidents.

Aha-aga ... instead of 1000 rubles will put a fine in 10000rubles - rzhu from such a decision.