Fighter F-16


F-16 crashes in Germany due to pilot error, Germany may demand compensation

The crash of the F-16 fighter was due to the actions of the American pilot.

The plane crash involving the German Air Force fighter that happened the day before was caused by the actions of an American pilot, who at that moment was in control of a combat aircraft. According to German media reports, the pilot tried to perform a certain air stunt on the fighter, but did not calculate his capabilities, which led to the incident.

There are no official comments on this subject either from the US representatives or from the German Air Force, however, experts say that if the fault of the American pilot is established, and it is also established that the latter violated existing instructions, Washington may be required to compensate for the destroyed aircraft . What kind of compensation can be discussed is still unknown.

It must be clarified that this is not the first case since the beginning of this year related to the loss of NATO fighters in Europe, and a number of experts blame the direct manufacturers for this, including this one both for American aircraft manufacturers and for European ones.