Mass layoffs will begin at the Boryspil airport.


Mass layoffs will begin at the Boryspil airport.

22 October, the managers of the airport "Borispol" reported that they plan to start mass reductions of employees. At the first stage, 30% of all employees will be dismissed, this was reported by airport employees.

"I was born and grew up. I have neighbors, classmates and friends are working at the airport. So I immediately report illegal activities which are carried out there," - said the politician Mishchenko.

But the reasons for unplanned layoffs are not reported.

"But we guess that they will recruit cheap labor, they want to minimize the number of employees, as the freight flow has decreased, and the terminals that have been configured are already not needed by anyone," he added.

It also became known that because of the current situation, workers are going to hold protests.


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