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The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation spoke about the use of a new directional high-precision electronic warfare weapons

The Russian Defense Ministry announced successful tests of a new directional high-precision electronic warfare weapon.

The Russian defense department reported on the successful test of the newest unique complex of radio-electronic effects, the existence of which was previously unknown in the armament of the Russian army. According to data published on the website of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, we are talking about high-precision directional weapons capable of accurately hitting enemy radars, guidance systems and missile systems.

“The operators of the electronic warfare systems have tracked the coordinates of the radiation sources, having determined the method of influencing their receivers with radio-electronic interference. Having received objective data on the location of the training targets, the EW TsVO specialists suppressed radio relay and satellite communication channels, as well as radio frequencies of tactical aviation and sabotage groups by applying selective, point electronic strikes at the coordinates of the radiation source. The delivery of electronic strikes took place both on single and group targets "- сообщает The Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Despite the fact that the published material reports on the use of the "Murmansk" and "Borisoglebsk-2" complexes, officially these weapons are not considered high-precision and are definitely not intended for pinpoint impact on the enemy's weapons, which prompted suggestions that it could be about one type of these complexes or about modernized versions.

Given the fact that Russian electronic warfare systems can deliver high-precision strikes, deployed on the territory of the country, these complexes can easily be used to destroy enemy aircraft and ballistic missiles, especially given their rather long range of impact.

The best with this complex in a real battle, we learned how to shoot down Zionist missiles over Syria. Today Israel in Syria equals Iran, and tomorrow, using this technology, the Amers can begin to attack the glorious heroes of Russia in Syria.