The moment of landing on the nose of the American F-35 during towing caught on video

The loader tore off the front landing gear of the American fighter for 200 million dollars.

A military loader tore off the front landing gear of an American F-35 fighter while the aircraft was being towed to a parking lot. As a result of the plane crashing on its nose, the latter received additional damage to the radar, as well as anti-radar coverage, in connection with which the damage to the aircraft amounted to several million dollars. journalists have at their disposal unique video footage of the incident at the Kadena airbase. As you can see, the landing gear of the fifth generation combat aircraft initially had some damage. How exactly the plane received them is unknown, however, at some point the rack was simply pulled out of the plane and the latter fell nose down on the runway. Among other things, other landing gears also caused technical issues, which, judging by the video frames, also wind around the “eight”.

A similar situation could occur due to the impact of the aircraft on the surface of the runway during landing, for example, due to a large approach angle or high landing speed, however, such a case was recorded for the first time.


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