Three Russian MiG-31 fighters armed with "Daggers" were immediately deployed to the border with NATO

The Russian military urgently sent 3 MiG-31 fighters armed with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles to the border with NATO.

Against the backdrop of increasing provocations from NATO and attempts to create provocations against Russia, the Russian military urgently deployed 3 MiG-31 fighters, which are carriers of the Kinzhal hypersonic air missiles, to the Kaliningrad region. The circumstances of sending these aircraft to the border with NATO are not disclosed, however, from the official statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense it follows that the fighters will be on round-the-clock duty in the air, which indicates a clearly serious need for such actions.

“Three MiG-31 aircraft with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles have been relocated to the Chkalovsk airfield in the Kaliningrad region. The duty of MiG-31 aircraft at the Chkalovsk airfield in the Kaliningrad region will be around the clock", - said the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, one should pay attention to a very important fact - the MiG-31 fighters will work together with the aviation of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy. This may indicate several probable reasons for the transfer of the "Daggers" - the arrival in Europe of four American B-52 strategic bombers at once, on board of which, more than likely, there may be nuclear weapons, the arrival of an American landing ship in the Gulf of Finland, as well as the threat to Estonia and Finland to close the Gulf of Finland and make the Baltic Sea NATO waters, although the circumstances may be different.


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