Over the Donetsk region, a combat helicopter was hit by missiles twice

Over the Donetsk region, a combat helicopter was shot down twice from MANPADS.

The incident happened a few hours ago in the Ugledar direction. According to sources, the combat rotorcraft entered the zone of destruction of the portable anti-aircraft missile system while making a U-turn, as a result of which it was attacked from the ground. As a result of hitting two anti-aircraft missiles, the helicopter received critical damage, however, despite this fact, the crew managed to save the aircraft and survive.

The incident, according to the source, occurred when a unit of the NM DPR tried to break through the defensive line of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Ugledar direction. On video footage accidentally taken by the military, it was possible to capture the moment an anti-aircraft missile hit the rotorcraft. When it became known that the helicopter could continue flying, another missile hit it on board (the moment was not captured on video frames - ed. note), but this was not enough to destroy the board.

Sources report that the board made an emergency landing, and the arriving PSS crew evacuated the pilot and navigator. Their lives are out of danger.

It is obvious that the helicopter was able to withstand the hits of anti-aircraft missiles due to its excellent protection, and it is noteworthy that two hits followed after the combat vehicle had fired the entire set of missiles - this avoided detonation.