Unidentified persons tried to shoot down an American military helicopter, which previously prevented a Russian patrol

It became known about the attacks on American helicopters in Syria.

Unknown persons began to actively "partisan" in Syria, attacking both American military patrols and convoys, and attacking helicopters with the American military. So, a few days ago, an American military Apache helicopter crashed in the Syrian province of Haseke. Moreover, a few days ago, attempts by unknown persons were recorded to attack another American combat helicopter, which prevented a Russian patrol a few days ago, from a portable anti-aircraft missile system.

According to Syrian sources, during the "emergency landing", for some reason, fighters and other combat helicopters were seen in the sky, and a large number of soldiers were on the ground. If it was really about an emergency landing, then only 2-3 vehicles would probably have arrived at the place.

As for the latest incident, the photo shows that the American AH-64 Apache attack helicopter is actively shooting heat traps in an attempt to dodge a possible attack from MANPADS, a batch of which, as previously reported, was transferred to local "partisans" by the Iranian military. Quite remarkable is the fact that the photo shows one of the helicopters that prevented the Russian military from patrolling the territory of the province of Hassek.