Airline S7 Norilsk


Norilsk Airport: S7 Airlines destabilizes the operation of the air harbor

Norilsk airport accused the airline «S7» in the destabilization of their work.

As noted in the official statement, inconsistent performance of flights on the route Novosibirsk - Norilsk leads to a number of disorders of the air port, in particular the period of time from the 8 am to 9 hours 15 minutes is a peak and, therefore, the implementation of uncoordinated flight leads to a a number of difficulties and problems.

It should be clarified that it is currently very difficult to understand the ongoing situation, especially since the representatives of the airline «S7» this information yet that did not comment, however, it is clear that, during the negotiations proper, will be able to find a compromise solution.

About how!
That is, when the maximum capacity 1500 people about the airport, he said can not formally serve 5 aircraft within an hour? there by force 800chelovek ito it if they all stand there and wait for each other to be.
What kind of twists? It looks like this is another attempt to show the door Siberia and the globe from Norilsk, leaving only the Nords.

Working in the northern port always need to be prepared that during the hours you fall 5-6 fight. Apparently the administration to sign in his in his inability to organize a normal operation of the airport or what is the mercantile interests.



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