Norway will transfer F-16 fighter jets with modern missiles to Ukraine

Norway has announced plans to transfer F-16 fighter jets with modern weapons to Ukraine to strengthen the strike potential of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This statement was made by Norwegian Foreign Minister Espen Bart Eide, emphasizing that the fighters are equipped with technologies that allow them to effectively attack enemy positions behind the front line.

“This is a very advanced technological platform, which, together with the weapon system, will make a significant contribution to strengthening Ukraine’s defense capabilities”,” Eide noted.

He also added that the aircraft will be equipped with the latest weapons, which will significantly increase their combat effectiveness.

Although the exact number of fighters being transferred remains unknown, the minister clarified that we are talking about a “very significant” number. This statement comes against the backdrop of information from the Norwegian portal Nettavisen about the possible transfer of up to 22 F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine in agreement with the United States.


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