Published video melee Russian paratroopers and American marines in Ukraine

Russian and American military clashed in close combat in the Kharkov region.

During the clashes between Russian paratroopers and American marines in the Kharkov region, the Russian military and American mercenaries had to engage in close combat. Judging by the video footage taken on the camera of the American military, a fierce battle was fought from a distance of only a few meters.

On video footage of combat clashes between US Marines and Russian paratroopers, the US unit tried to dislodge the Russian military from their positions. American mercenaries are trying to storm one of the residential buildings, firing heavily through the walls, windows and entrance. The Russian military at this time put up fierce resistance, preventing the Americans from gaining an advantage and forcing the latter to eventually retreat due to their more advantageous positions.

To date, these are the first known video footage of the battle between the Russian military and American marines from among the mercenaries fighting on the territory of Ukraine. However, judging by the number of American mercenaries in Ukraine, such clashes occur regularly.

Judging by the situation in the video, the video footage was taken in the summer, when the most active battles were fought in the Kharkiv region.


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