video of the interception of the Russian Iskander was published


A video of the interception of the Russian Iskander by the Israeli Barak-8 complex has been published

There was a video of the launch of an interceptor missile that shot down a Russian Iskander missile over Karabakh.

The Azerbaijani military has published a video of the launch of an anti-aircraft guided missile-interceptor of the Barak-8 complex, allegedly against the Russian Iskander tactical missile launched by the Armenian side shortly before the end of the war. It is known that the Iskander missile was indeed intercepted over Karabakh, especially since during the entire period of military clashes the Barak-8 complexes were used only a few times.

On the presented video frames you can see the moment of the launch of the SAM of the Israeli air defense missile system "Barak-8". Despite the fact that in addition to the Israeli complexes, the S-300 air defense systems purchased from Russia are also in service with Azerbaijan, the specialists identified the Barak-8 complex.

Experts draw attention to the fact that the video published does not allow one to assert unambiguously that it is precisely about the interception of the Russian Iskander, according to Azerbaijani sources, however, if the information about the interception of Russian tactical missiles is confirmed, this could seriously damage the reputation of the Russian weapons, especially since we are not talking about the most effective Israeli air defense system.

At 23.30 Moscow time on October 9.10.2020, 300 (half an hour before the armistice), the Armenians launched Iskander across Baku. The fact that it was Iskander is a fact. Nothing else reaches Byku from Armenia. It was shot down by an Israeli air defense system. The S-350 in service with Azerbaijan does not hit the Iskander. (And the S-400 and S-10 are amazing) I heard defeat over my head with my ears. after 100 minutes, relevant messages appeared on the Internet. Why didn't the Armenians apply it to Baku earlier? because Azerbaijan would use a division of the Belarusian Poloneses in Yerevan. Up to 300 missiles in one minute. Let's assume that the Armenian S-30s would have shot down XNUMX of them, the rest would definitely have flown to Yerevan.

What nasty things "from the Jews to Russia" are you talking about?
And where did you save them? From what? And most importantly why?
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Striking reaction to the Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict.
A straight joke in the flesh about how an old Armenian dies and says to his descendants "the most important thing is to take care of the Jews." Children, grandchildren are shocked. How ? What? And what are they? What's the connection? And he continues, when the Russians kill the Jews, they will take over us ...

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But at the same time Damascus for some reason always burns and explodes properly.

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It is still not clear who saved whom, my grandfather died in Berlin, was a platoon commander, I rose to the rank of senior sergeant, and who were you protecting there?

At the same time, tactical and anti-aircraft missiles came out. How is it? ... The launch of a tactical missile still needs to be detected, to determine the trajectory, and this is the time! Whatever rockets are on the video - staged!

On July 30, 1970, Operation Rimon 20, the codename for the Israeli Air Force's air battle against Soviet fighter pilots stationed in Egypt at the invitation of President Gamal Abdel Nasser, began. The battle lasted six minutes. Soviet Air Force lost 5 MiG-21 Israelis returned all returned to base.

Even if it is true, how much brakes do the SAM operators need to be to intercept almost over the launch point of the anti-missile, and not the devil knows when? And if there is a special ammunition in the approaching missile, and not just an explosive charge?

And what nasty things did the Jews deliver to us in order to have such a reaction?

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The delusions of grandeur and praise for Israeli weapons are off the charts! So far, no one has been able to spot the Iskander, not only shoot it down. They only see them when they hit targets. The Armenians had Tochka-M tactical missile systems, which is not a cruise missile and does not even have characteristics similar to Iskander.

This news is especially impressive after the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that Iskander was not used in the Karabakh conflict.

It's time to take the article in the law for publishing all sorts of lies. They no longer know how to advertise Jewish rockets. In Syria, the local population began to shoot them down from a slingshot. Isn't there a lot of nastiness from the Jews to Russia lately? Maybe we were in vain to save them at such a price?

Let Putin deal with his sycophants who deceive him and mislead him about the capabilities of our military equipment using the technologies of the 60s and 70s of the last century.

And the place of the explosion of Iskander is weak to show ??? There were 11 burned-out tanks and 2 infantry fighting vehicles !!!

Fake. This has already been written and "shown", and Aliyev admitted that there were no Iskander launches on Azerbaijan, also confirmed by the Chief of Staff of Armenia and the representative of the RF Ministry of Defense.
And now the same picture is being re-broadcast ...

Shoot down, but only the media.

Night in Karabakh, everything is in smoke, nothing is visible. Who was Iskander entrusted to? And was there a "boy"?

Well this is not an interception! Where is Zina's proof?

Armenians do not have Iskander. Possibly a Point.

So far, only Israeli missiles fired at Damascus have been shot down.