Published a video of the Israeli Harop drone strike on the C-125 complex

An Israeli drone destroyed the position of the S-125 air defense system.

An Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle struck and completely destroyed the position of the S-125 anti-aircraft missile system deployed on the territory of Stepanakert airport. Despite the fact that the upgraded S-125 air defense systems are designed to defeat drones of this type, the complex was destroyed on the territory of the airport.

In the presented video frames, you can see how the Harop drone moves completely freely over the positions of the air defense means, while it was not possible to detect it until the last moment, which is due either to the fact that the radars of the complexes are not able to detect Israeli drones, or the fact that the means were used setting of electronic jamming, which has already been observed many times.

It should be noted that previously taken satellite images did not reveal air defense systems on the territory of the Stepanakert airport, which may indicate that the complexes were moved here a few days ago, however, obviously, the deployment of the air defense system here did not give the desired effect.

It's not good to lie, the author, the Armenian S-125s did not undergo modernization. And the means of detecting the complex and the SSTS will not see such a target.
The C-125s, several divisions belonging to Azerbaijanis, have been modernized.