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Rest in Turkey 2020: is it safe to fly to Turkey this summer?

The prospects of summer holidays in Turkey are announced.

Turkey stated its readiness to ensure the safety of its tourists during the holidays, believing that at the moment there are no significant risks for foreign citizens on vacation in 2020. According to experts, the key question will only be whether tourists themselves are ready to rest in the obviously difficult epidemiological situation in the country, and whether travel companies and air carriers can provide rest.

“The biggest risk is not ventilation and hygiene, but asymptomatic carriers of the virus. The risk of spreading viruses and germs through ventilation in aircraft is quite low, contrary to popular belief. This is a virus that is transmitted by contact. For example, he may not even be in the toilet itself, but on the handle of his door. Or, if someone infected with the virus, while in the toilet, takes off his mask and sneezes, the one who comes after him is at risk. This is unlikely, because I think that both staff and passengers will be very attentive to hygiene, but this option cannot be completely ruled out. It is very important to be masked all the way. The risk that two masked people will infect each other is very low. If the media is without a mask and the second person is in a mask, the risk is high, and when both people are without a mask, the risk is much higher ”- приводит excerpt from an article by Turkish journalists from the Russian edition of T24.

Given the epidemiological situation, citizens have already stated that they prefer to exclude holidays not only in other countries, but even in Russian resorts, which may indicate that world resorts will suffer very serious losses, without tourists.

Earlier, Russian air carriers announced their readiness to resume flights on international routes, however, any clarifications on the organization of passenger safety were never given.

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