Ural Airlines


Passenger airline "Ural Airlines" locked on the plane

Passengers airline "Ural airlines"I am trapped in the plane for more than 3 hours.

As it became known from the passengers of the flight of the airline "Ural Airlines" heading from Novosibirsk to Moscow, the plane, because of unknown problems, first circled the capital airport for a long time DomodedovoBut some time later was sent to the St. Petersburg airport.

Passengers also clarified the fact that the flight crew noted that landing in Moscow's Domodedovo airport was impossible due to the fact that the runway had not time to prepare because of the bad weather, and at the airport Vnukovo simply refused to accept them flight.

Passengers, in turn, also noted that there were uncomfortable conditions in the cabin of the airline of Ural Airlines, there was no water, and there were a lot of passengers with children, but the airline’s management ignored this.