Why Delta Air Lines does not want to pay taxes?


Why Delta Air Lines does not want to pay taxes?

08 February 2014. Years of deep financial losses for airlines are passing. The deferral for income taxes should soon be repaid ...

Airline Delta Air Lines (DAL) earned $ 2,7 billion last year but did not pay income taxes due to large losses in 2008 and 2009 totaling about $ 2 billion. This is only a small part of the total losses. The third largest airline in the United States has lost $ 15 billion over its lifetime.

The past net operating loss allows the company to apply “tax promissory notes” to maturity in future periods. In accordance with accounting rules, corporations can use their deferred tax assets in future periods.

Other US airlines also use tax bills.  United (UAL) with more than 10,3 billion dollars in its account. loss, will not pay taxes in the current year. After the start of the merger US Airways и American Airways, the total losses of the joint venture amount to 5,7 bn. dollars, which gives them the right not to pay taxes in future periods. 


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